Supercharged Natural Heart Guard

One of the easiest ways to protect your heart is also one of the most powerful and natural. All it takes is a little omega-3 fish oil every day. The EPA and DHA omega-3s found in fish oil offer a whole host of heart health benefits and cardiovascular protection. [column col=”1/3″]All-natural heart health protection. Some…

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It’s a dry world out there! Quench your thirst with SplasH2O

SplasH2O by Melaleuca turns typical water into a refreshing drink that keeps your family craving the water they need with a flavor they love – without the sugar, calories, or cost. Enjoy this fun video and then be sure to scroll down for more info about how you can enjoy this refreshing drink mix that…

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Do You Drink A Protein Shake? [Shareable Infographic]

Melaleuca ProFlex Dutch Chocolate

Melaleuca ProFlex20 is an excellent Protein Supplement that gives you 20 Grams of protein per serving. It is great to drink right after a strength training exercise. This protein shake comes in 2 delicious flavors: Dutch Chocolate and Classic Vanilla

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4 BIG, FAT Myths About Strength Training

Strong Woman Doing Situps

It is important for everyone to build muscle through strength training, but there are a few persistent myths that hold some people back. Don’t be fooled. Get the facts: MYTH #1 Building muscle makes women bulky. FACT Women’s natural testosterone levels prevent them from developing muscles at the rate men do. Unless women purposefully try…

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Resistance Exercises: Basic Equipment, Big Results

woman doing side leg lift exercise

Join the Resistance! Resistance training not only helps build strong muscles but it also increases calorie burning, improves balance, and strengthens bones. With some simple equipment like exercise balls, resistance bands or tubes, and room to move, you can get a great strength-training workout at home without needing to visit the gym. 5 Proven Resistance…

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Who Says Drinking Isn’t Healthy?

Introducing Replenex Extra Strength Drink Mix. Don’t let stiff joints wear on your active lifestyle Whether it’s from everyday activities like carrying groceries or trying to be the weekend warrior, joint discomfort can slow you down. Get back to enjoying life’s everyday pleasures with Replenex Extra Strength Drink’s proven, patent-pending formula that helps soothe and…

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