4 BIG, FAT Myths About Strength Training

It is important for everyone to build muscle through strength training, but there are a few persistent myths that hold some people back. Don’t be fooled. Get the facts:

Strong Woman Doing Situps


Building muscle makes women bulky.
Women’s natural testosterone levels prevent them from developing muscles at the rate men do. Unless women purposefully try to build bulk, they will not get bulky. They’ll get toned, lean definition—and who wouldn’t want that?




I can only work one muscle at a time so it will take a long time to reach my goal.
Compound movements like squats use multiple muscle groups and can give you a total body workout in a short period of time.






I have to have a gym membership to have access to weights.
Resistance builds muscles. Many people use weights at the gym to obtain resistance, but there are plenty of ways to build muscle at home. Do exercises that use your own body weight like push-ups and sit-ups, use resistance bands, or make your own “weights” using sandbags or milk jugs filled with water.


Knee Injury


I will hurt myself.
Injuries come from poor form whether you’re running, doing yoga, or lifting weights. As with any new exercise you are unfamiliar with, consult a trainer on proper form and it’s unlikely you’ll hurt yourself.





This article originally in the Melaleuca Vitality for Life magazine. Have any other myth buster facts about strength training? We would love to hear them in the comments!