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The purpose of the Melaleuca Journal is to announce new products, highlight their unique qualities, explain how to get the most out of them, and share customer stories. This site also highlights Melaleuca's culture, while illustrating how The Wellness Company lives its mission of enhancing lives.

Since 1985, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company has been manufacturing consumable household products to help their customers live healthier, more vibrant lives. Today, Melaleuca operates in 20 countries and territories around the globe, enhancing the lives of millions of families. In every R&D pursuit, The Wellness Company is driven by a commitment to only develop products that are safe, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable. These include nutrition products, personal care products, home cleaning products, and cosmetics. Through the years, Melaleuca has remained firm in their commitment to provide a better value for their customers to both optimize health and protect the environment.

For more than three decades, Melaleuca has been a pioneer in the field of superior wellness products, refusing to compromise on quality. Because of their super-concentrated formulas and high-quality ingredients, Melaleuca products are much more effective than the diluted, cheaper grocery store brands. Each year, Melaleuca spends millions of dollars on research to determine the best sources, the safest and most effective forms, and the optimal extraction processes to create extracts, essential oils, minerals, enzymes, and other natural compounds to improve their customers’ health and sustain the environment. Melaleuca’s commitment to quality means that Melaleuca products are made with the finest ingredients, balancing science with nature to make more than 400 wellness products that millions of people around the world use every day.

Melaleuca Featured Stories

In this section, you will find a collection of articles about Melaleuca: The Wellness Company—what we value, how we enhance lives, and why we are involved in a noble cause. You’ll also see content showcasing Melaleuca’s superior health and wellness products and meet exceptional people who make the world a better place by living our Mission Statement.

New Melaleuca products

Melaleuca Continues to Innovate!

Give your wellness routine a lift with the latest products announced at Convention 2023! Sparkling clean dishes. Enhanced workouts. Clean, healthy, blemish-free skin. Convention 2023 introduced all-new ways to support your health and the cleanliness of your home.

Melaleuca Product Good zymes

Keep Your Holidays and Your Gut Happy with These Four Melaleuca Products

While indulging on holiday fares of all kinds may be delightful, the toll it can take on your stomach can be frightful. Melaleuca’s many wellness products will be your best companions for these situations.

New Products and Game Changing Announcements from Melaleuca Launch 2023

Melaleuca’s Launch 2023 event introduced an entirely new shopping aisle, plus a myriad of additional ways to spice up your wellness routine, brighten your appearance, fortify your kids, and enjoy full-body health benefits! The overarching message of the event was…

Major General Michael Garshak presented the Patriot Award to Melaleuca IT Director James Andersen, Sgt. Stephen Herriott, his wife Emily, and their two children

Melaleuca Manager Receives Patriot Award for Supporting Soldier and His Family on Deployment

On Sept. 14, 2023, Major General Michael J. Garshak presented the Patriot Award to Melaleuca Director of Product Management James Andersen during a ceremony held at the Idaho National Guard.

Dr. David Adler presenting award to Jamie Reynolds VP of Human Resources

Melaleuca Receives Susan B. Anthony Award for Commitment to Women in the Workplace

Melaleuca’s continued commitment to women in the workplace has earned the company a prestigious honor. The company recently received the Susan B. Anthony Award from the Alturas Institute, which recognizes Melaleuca for its exceptional dedication to advancing women’s careers and promoting…

Melaleuca product Activate C

Fall into Wellness with Melaleuca Products

If you do a Google search on Americans’ favorite season, you’ll see that fall is the time of year that Americans love the most. The fall season holds a special place in our hearts for a variety of reasons.  Depending…

Latest Stories

Inspiring and educational stories about Melaleuca’s wellness products, scientific research, Marketing Executives, customers, and Team Members—this section announces our new product innovations, provides brand updates, and tells the stories of a health products manufacturer that serves millions of households around the world.

Melaleuca Employ group volunteering at local food bank

Making a Difference: 141 Melaleuca Team Members Volunteer at Food Bank

On four separate days over the course of four weeks in October and November 2023, Melaleuca Team Members volunteered their time to help the Community Food Basket sort canned food and organize food in their warehouse.

Melaleuca Family

Halloween Magic Comes Alive at Melaleuca Global Headquarters

For many Melaleuca Team Members, and especially their children and grandchildren, Halloween is one of the best times of the year.

Melaleuca EcoSence product line

Why Ammonia Is More Horror Than Help

We all know about spring-cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? If it’s been six months since your last cleaning, then your home is in need of some care! But unlike your seasonal festivities, cleaning should not be a scary task.…

Falling into Good Habits with Peak Performance

Have you ever found yourself forgetting to take the PM packet of your Peak Performance Pack? Or have you ever tried to “extend” your Peak Performance Pack by only taking either the AM or PM packet every day? There is…

women placing a car on Melaleuca pinewood derby tract

Checkered Flag Waves at Melaleuca’s First Pinewood Derby

Start your engines! Or maybe just let gravity do the work! On September 14, 2023, Team Members enthusiastically gathered to participate in the company’s very first Pinewood Derby at Melaleuca Global Headquarters. Whether the participants saw this race as simple…

Melaleuca Products Enhance the Summer Season

The summer season is in full swing! And now you might not be so glad that temperatures are up. Whether you love the summer heat or are already looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall. What are your favorites?…

As Seen In

Melaleuca chartered cargo plane

Melaleuca Responds to Maui Wildfires with Cash, Food, Generators, Relief Supplies

As our first wave of response to the Maui wildfires, Melaleuca has donated over $135,000 to help families who lost everything.

pain-a-trate product

The Science Behind Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca’s dedication to creating better, safer, more natural solutions is unmatched by products found at the local grocery store. Melaleuca operates as the largest online wellness shopping club in North America and has found success by taking an unconventional path.

Robes America's Best Employers 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Forbes Magazine Names Melaleuca One of America’s Best Employers for Fourth Year in a Row

Melaleuca continues to be recognized as one of the best places to work in the entire United States. For the fourth consecutive year, Forbes magazine has listed Melaleuca as one of the top employers in America.

Melaleuca's Global Headquarters

The Innovation Behind Melaleuca Products

For more than three decades, Melaleuca products have been the answer to families who want healthier, safer products in their homes at an affordable price.

melaleuca career fair

Career Fair Opens Doors to Exciting Career Paths for Melaleuca Team Members

Team Members recently came together at Melaleuca’s annual career fair, aimed exclusively at its existing workforce.

melaleuca ecosence products

Melaleuca Approach to Product Innovation Hits Home with Health-Conscious Families

The seven principles that have guided Melaleuca’s product development and enabled the company to remain a top provider of superior health and wellness products.

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