The Difference Is GC Control

Melaleuca Attain GC control

Do you want to actively support a healthy weight—along with a healthy cardiovascular system and normal blood sugar metabolism?  It’s time to try GC Control. Today, 80% of Americans over 25 years old are overweight. Many struggle to find ways to lose weight and 1 in 3 Americans are facing health challenges associated with blood…

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Melaleuca’s 2013 MVPs: Products That Enhance Lives

Moth tickling her daughter

Melaleuca offers more than 350 exclusive wellness products. Each product gives you and your business the tools to take control of your health and home, and to enhance your life and the lives of your family. There are five nutritional superstars that offer truly life-changing benefits to everyone who uses them. The first step to…

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Every Day Matters

Women taking Melaleuca Vitality Multi Vitamins

THE POWER OF CONSISTENT DAILY NUTRITION Just like you need to eat more than once a day, taking your vitamins twice daily helps ensure your body has exactly what it needs—when it needs it most. Patented Potency Protection Not all minerals are created equal. Only Melaleuca supplements are powered by patented Oligo® to provide superior…

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Omega-3 “Study” Proven Bogus! Prostate Health & Omega-3s

Have you heard the latest hype on fish oil? A recent observational “study” suggested a link between DHA blood levels and a higher rate of prostate cancer. Several news agencies, eager to cast doubt on the benefits of omega-3 supplements, ran with the sensational story. And why not? Thousands of studies have found only positive…

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The Most Memorable Chapters Of My Life Have Yet To Be Written

Good health allows you to make a living, to pursue your passions, to be there for those who need you most. But good health depends on you. The small choices you make every day can add up to a lifetime of health and vitality. Choices like which vitamin and mineral supplement you take. Good health…

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Melaleuca Athletes – World Championship Caliber

Lagat Symmonds

Melaleuca athletes Bernard Lagat and Nick Symmonds ran for world titles at the Track World Championships in Moscow. Bernard Lagat 2 OLYMPIC MEDALS 9-TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION 3-TIME INDOOR WORLD CHAMPION 2-TIME OUTDOOR WORLD CHAMPION American Record Holder in the 5,000-meter (12:53.6), 2-mile (8:09.49), mile (3:49.89) and 1,500-meter (3:33.34) 2nd fastest 1,500-meter ever: 3:26.34 Breaking Away With just 200 meters to go, the men’s…

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