The Difference Is GC Control

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Do you want to actively support a healthy weight—along with a healthy cardiovascular system and normal blood sugar metabolism?  It’s time to try GC Control.

Today, 80% of Americans over 25 years old are overweight. Many struggle to find ways to lose weight and 1 in 3 Americans are facing health challenges associated with blood sugar metabolism.

There’s no question: healthy blood sugar management has never been more important. No wonder people all over North America are looking for the clinically tested natural blood sugar support GC Control provides.

The difference starts here

The difference starts with GC Control’s exclusive, patent-pending blend of ingredients. Anchored by Oligo® chromium, this blend includes cinnamon bark extract, Korean red ginseng root, mulberry extract, green tea leaf extract, and sweet potato extract—each with specific natural benefits.

Together inside GC Control, these natural, concentrated ingredients have been clinically shown to help:

  • Support balanced glucose uptake and metabolism in healthy individuals
  • Support normal insulin activity in healthy individuals
  • Slow the absorption of high glycemic foods
  • Promote proper carbohydrate metabolism

Make a Difference?

Officially, it’s a blood sugar support supplement—but for the thousands of people who rely on it every day, GC Control is proving to be the difference in everything from energy support to weight management. Here are three ways GC Control can make a difference for you:

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More Energy
What happens when your blood sugar levels rise and dip? Your energy goes down. When your blood sugar levels are constantly high, your body becomes more and more insulin-resistant, which further impairs your ability to properly metabolize blood sugar. As a result, you feel more fatigued. You’re no longer able to get all the energy you need from the foods you eat.

The feeling is similar when your blood sugar levels crash. You’ll feel a lack of energy—and experience hard-to-ignore cravings for more sweets and carbs. The processed carbs and sugars you may eat to regain your energy only continue this seesaw cycle of spiking and crashing.

How does it support more energy? GC Control helps support healthy, stable blood sugar levels thorughout the day, helping you avoid those energy-sapping spikes and crashes altogether. no wonder participants in the clinical study reported feeling more energy and less fatigue as well as reduced appetite.

Easier Weight Management
Not long after GC Control was launched, customers began to notice its effect on their ability to lose weight. By providing support for healthy blood sugar as well as helping to minimize carbohydrate and sugar cravings, GC Control was allowing them to avoid the processed carbs and sugars and the spikes and crashes that made staying on track with weight loss goals such a difficult chore.

But there is even more to it. By addressing healthy insulin response, GC Control can help you keep your body in fat-reduction mode.

How does it promote better fat reduction? When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you blood sugar can spike, prompting your body to produce large amounts of insulin. That insulin prompts your body to stop breaking down fat for energy and store it instead. If you blood sugar remains high, your body can stay in “fat-storage mode,” where it’s difficult to lose weight.

But when your blood sugar stays within healthy levels, this promotes a healthy insulin response, allowing your body to naturally break down fats and sugars for energy. your weight loss efforts are optimized and weight loss is easier.


  1. Daqing Chu on January 17, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    Thank you for the information, the science behind the wonderful product. I like GC control very much!

  2. Amy on February 24, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    Am I supposed to mix GCcontrol with anything other than water? It seems like it would counteract the efficacy of the formulation to mix extra ingredients?

  3. Valerie on March 18, 2014 at 11:18 am

    I mix it with milk in a blender with ice.

    I tried the vanilla & really like it taste a little bit like coconut.