Every Day Matters

Women taking Melaleuca Vitality Multi Vitamins


Just like you need to eat more than once a day, taking your vitamins twice daily helps ensure your body has exactly what it needs—when it needs it most.

Patented Potency Protection

Not all minerals are created equal. Only Melaleuca supplements are powered by patented Oligo® to provide superior mineral absorbtion and maximum antioxidant protection—ensuring you get more of what you take a supplement for.

Rationing Is Irrational

Skipping your vitamins. It’s an easy temptation to give in to. And taking half your vitamins should still give you half the benefit, right? You might be surprised. Your body has different needs at different times based on everything from diet and stress to your activity level. You can’t predict when you’ll need every nutrient but you can be sure your body has what it needs by taking your vitamins twice a day—every day.

Infographic on how melaleuca vitality multi vitamin helps both day and night

A Simple Habit for a Lifetime of Benefits

Good health doesn’t happen overnight. It is the result of weeks, months and years of good choices and habits. Melaleuca’s Vitality Packs are specially designed to work with each other and the food you eat to ensure you have optimal nutrition no matter what the day may throw at you. Getting in the habit of taking your vitamins every day, twice a day paves the way for greater vitality today and better health for the rest of your life.

When it comes to the vitamin and mineral needs of the human body, there are three facts you can always rely on:

  1. Your body cannot produce vitamins and minerals
    They must be obtained from the diet—primarily from fruits and vegetables. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, only 14% of U.S. adults and less than 10% of teens are eating the recommended amount. Supplements are an effective way to close the gap.
  2. Timing is everything
    The body cannot store most vitamins, so they are only of benefit for a limited time. Taking a vitamin twice daily helps ensure your body is replenished with a constant supply to maintain optimal health.
  3. Skipping today can hurt tomorrow
    In your body, vitamins and minerals are utilized first to maintain your critical life functions, and then—and only if there is enough—it will use them for rejuvenation, repair and other more long-term benefits. As a result, you may not feel a lot of difference if you skip a day or two, but over time the deficiencies can add up.