6 Apps For Health & Fitness

Are you ready to get in shape, lose weight, and eat healthier? The keystones for success in any undertaking are setting specific goals, measuring progress, and being accountable to those goals. Smartphone apps can make achieving your goals easier than ever. There are hundreds of apps posed as tracking tools, in which you log your…

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Oligo: Absorb Nutrients Just Like Nature Intended

Oligo Multivitamin

The Vitality Pack not only offers superior nutrition at a better price, it’s also the only multivitamin-mineral in the world powered by Oligo® to offer unmatched levels of mineral solubility and antioxidant protection. The mineral forms found in the earth and in traditional multivitamins (gluconates, oxides, sulfates, etc.) dissolve easily in the acidic environment of…

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A Spoonful of Smart – Vitality Omega 3 Crème Delight

Melaleuca’s new Vitality Omega 3 Crème Delight is safe for your kids, but maybe not so safe for your walls…. Vitality Omega 3 Crème Delight is a new product this year that was announced by Melaleuca’s CEO Frank VanderSloot at Convention 2013. You can get more information about Melaleuca’s Vitality products at www.melaleuca.com/vitality or www.melaleucavitality.com

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Omega-3s Your Daily Dose Of Smart

Hundreds of studies have linked the regular intake of omega-3s to a host of brain health and cognitive function benefits aren’t limited to an age or gender. Omega-3s have something to offer no matter how old or young you are. FOR CHILDREN Brain development begins in the womb and continues to about age 5. Omega-3s…

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New Orange Kick Access Bars

Melaleuca Access

We love the work generated by the Melaleuca Creative Department. Here’s a poster designed for the 2013 Melaleuca Convention, held last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. The limited edition Chocolate Orange Kick Access Bar  generated a ton of interest there. How long will it take to sell out? Those who want to get the most out…

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Melaleuca Access: The Muffin Eater

Funny Ad - Melaleuca Eats Muffin Tops

This image, from Melaleuca’s Vitality For Life magazine, says a whole lot in just a few words, and made us chuckle. You exercise to get and stay in shape. It’s hard work. So, when something comes along that not only tastes great and satisfies hunger–but helps you lose weight to boot–you can’t help but get…

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