Free Radical Fact Sheet

How antioxidants stop free radicals -a Melaleuca graphic

Free Radicals – A Fact of Life Wherever there’s life, there are free radicals. You can think of free radicals as exhaust from a combustion engine. If the engine is running, it’s throwing off exhaust. The same principle applies in the human body. As you breathe, as you digest food, as you exercise, you’re producing…

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A Thirst-Quenching Drink Recipe Worth Trying

A Melaleuca recipe infographic

THERE IS NO QUESTION that water is one of the most important elements to sustain life and health. But too many Americans swap the simple goodness of water for sugary substitutes like soda or juice. Melaleuca’s SplasH2O™ makes it easy to keep a refreshing, flavorful drink on hand—and for less than 10¢ a glass! Every…

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