It’s a dry world out there! Quench your thirst with SplasH2O

SplasH2O by Melaleuca turns typical water into a refreshing drink that keeps your family craving the water they need with a flavor they love – without the sugar, calories, or cost. Enjoy this fun video and then be sure to scroll down for more info about how you can enjoy this refreshing drink mix that has 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, and 0 Gluten per serving.

SplasH2O is available in refreshing Raspberry, satisfying Strawberry Kiwi, or natural Lemonade. Five packets makes 10 quarts.

Use and share this simple and delicious recipe:

Fresh Strawberry or Raspberry Lemonade

(makes 7 one-cup servings)

What you need:

6 cups cold water
1 cup fresh strawberries or raspberries
1 packet Melaleuca SplasH2O Lemonade

How to make it:

Blend 2 cups water, fruit, and SplasH2O until smooth. Pour into pitcher and stir in remaining 4 cups of water. Serve over ice and enjoy.