Chemical Warfare: How Chlorine Bleach turns Your Home Into A Danger Zone

Gas Mask and Bleach

You clean your home to make it a safer, more enjoyable place to be. But what if the very products you use to clean your home are actually making it more dangerous and more uncomfortable for your family? For decades, customers have mistakenly equated chlorine bleach with words like “clean” and “safe”. But the reality…

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Getting Your Dishes Cleaner Is Now Easier than Ever

Melaleuca Product Diamond Brite

In December of 2004, the innovative Diamond Brite® formula was granted a patent as the first-ever dishwasher detergent with enzymes, a near-neutral pH, and absolutely no phosphates, chlorine bleach, or alkali.Now, Melaleuca offers an all-new Diamond Brite that is more effective, more eco-friendly, and more convenient than before. This new formula delivers results never before…

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EcoSense: A Better Kind Of Clean

Mother holding daughter and a bottle of Melaleuca Sal-U-Gard

Like most people, you want a clean home. Only you’re busy, and on a budget, so you need cleaning products that bust through grime without busting your bank account. You also want a safe home, and having caustic chemicals like chlorine bleach lying around the house makes you nervous. You know that every day over…

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Lemon Brite® – More Helpful With The Dishes Than Your Husband

Lemon Brite - More helpful with the dishes than your husband.

Need an extra hand with the dishes? Lemon Brite, a customer-favorite, has been helping you do the dishes for years. The biodegradable ingredients do the hard work for you. Doing the dishes doesn’t have to be a chore.You can always use a little extra help doing the dishes. So while you get suds up to…

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Solve It All With Sol-U-Mel

From sticky situations to serious stains, Sol-U-Mel® is your onestop cleaning solution for a myriad of household chores. Not only that, Sol-U-Mel is biodegradable and powered by Melaleuca Oil, so it’s safer for your home and the planet. Don’t take our word for it. Leadership in Action interviewed everyday users for stories of Sol-U-Mel’s stain-scouring,…

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