Chemical Warfare: How Chlorine Bleach turns Your Home Into A Danger Zone

You clean your home to make it a safer, more enjoyable place to be. But what if the very products you use to clean your home are actually making it more dangerous and more uncomfortable for your family? For decades, customers have mistakenly equated chlorine bleach with words like “clean” and “safe”. But the reality is frighteningly far from it. That bottle of chlorine bleach in your laundry room, those cleaning products that proudly tout “with chlorine bleach” on their labels—they contain something far more sinister than a simple germ killer.

Coming Clean: The Deception of Chlorine Bleach

toxic-wasteThe killer in your cupboard.
Did you know that chlorine was one of the first ingredients used to create chemical weapons in World War I? During the Second Battle of Ypres, on April 22, 1915, the Germans released chlorine gas on their enemies—marking the first full-scale deployment of deadly chemical weapons in WWI.1 The lethal chemical is still used in warfare today, with insurgents of the Iraq war making bombs out of giant tanks of chlorine.2

Unfortunately, this lethal gas can also be created by accident when you unwittingly mix chlorine-based cleaning products with other common cleaning agents. And it isn’t always mixing two cleaners, together, sometimes it’s simply residue from a past cleaner that reacts with the chlorine-based product. In 2011, 152 workers were hospitalized due to exposure from chlorine gas after someone poured chlorine bleach into a container previously used with another cleaning solution.3

The dangers of chlorine bleach don’t stop there.
child-hazardThis chemical is caustic and deadly even before it is mixed with other products. Of all injuries to young children cause by cleaning products, exposure to chlorine bleach is the most common. The most common types of injury from chlorine bleach are poisoning (68%), chemical burns (15.9%) and skin/eye irritation (10.4%).4 According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, chlorine bleach is responsible for more than 38,000 reported poisonings per year.5 As many people die from chlorine bleach poisoning as from rattlesnake and spider bites combined.6

Recent medical studies have also revealed another disturbing trend. Chlorine bleach specifically aggravates the membranes in the lower respiratory system, causing shortness of breath and wheezing.

Studies show that a person with asthma who cleans in their home with chlorine bleach once a day will have a 5% increase in asthma attacks in a year. A person who cleans in their home with chlorine bleach twice a day more than quadruples this figure—they’ll experience 28% more asthma attacks.

So the next time you decide to clean with chlorine bleach, it might be good to add a ventilator in addition to the goggles rubber gloves and protective clothing most chlorine-based products recommend you use.

The cleaner that doesn’t actually clean.
If the dangers of chlorine bleach weren’t discouraging enough, here’s another sad truth many consumers don’t realize—chlorine bleach is not a cleaner.

It doesn’t get rid of grime, dirt or stains. What it can do is make color invisible to the naked eye, making us think it’s getting rid of stains.

Chlorine bleach is a highly reactive substance. It changes everything it comes into contact with, destroying it on a molecular level.

We see colors based on light absorption and reflection. When we see a red apple, it’s because the red color wavelength is reflected to us. When chlorine bleach comes into contact with stains, it destroys the molecules’ ability to reflect light. Chlorine bleach doesn’t get rid of dirt—it only turns it white. We may not be able to see the dirt and grime, but the truth is, the stain is still there.

To get your home truly clean you don’t need chlorine bleach. You need products that can safely remove hard water deposits, grime, and other stains and buildup. That’s something chlorine bleach just can’t do, and is just one of the many reasons why all Melaleuca EcoSense® products are chlorine bleach-free.



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  5. 2008 Annual Report of the American Association of PoisonControl Centers
  6. As reported to Poison Control Centers over the last 10 years

Getting Your Dishes Cleaner Is Now Easier than Ever

new-diamond-briteIn December of 2004, the innovative Diamond Brite® formula was granted a patent as the first-ever dishwasher detergent with enzymes, a near-neutral pH, and absolutely no phosphates, chlorine bleach, or alkali.
Now, Melaleuca offers an all-new Diamond Brite that is more effective, more eco-friendly, and more convenient than before. This new formula delivers results never before seen from Diamond Brite. Just pop a pouch into your dishwasher and prepare to be amazed.

Diamond Brite’s new super-concentrated formula and powder base significantly boost enzyme performance–and the convenient pouches are 30% smaller than the competition’s. The new pouches use less plastic, leading to less fuel consumed and fewer emissions during shipping–making the new Diamond Brite better for the environment.

[column col=”1/3″]

Cleaner Dishes

The new pouches are even more effective at removing stuck-on food and getting dishes completely clean with even more powerful natural enzymes.



Less Plastic

The new resealable pouch uses 90% less plastic than the previous bottle, which was already significantly smaller than the competition’s.
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Spot-free Shine

With the new sheeting action that comes in the new Diamond Brite formula, your dishes will shine without water spots.


No Fillers

Every ingredient is used to improve the cleaning performance, there is no extra weight in shipping and you aren’t paying for unnecessary ingredients. that’s why Diamond Brite pouches are 30% smaller than the grocery store brands.
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Safer Formula

Since 1994, Diamond Brite has been free of phosphates and chlorine bleach. New Diamond Brite has been carefully formulated and rigorously tested to effectively clean your toughest dish challenges and still contains no harsh chemicals, including chlorine bleach.

Clean Dishes
Clean Streams
Clean Conscience®

Using Diamond Brite gives you peace of mind knowing you are taking care of your family and the environment while still getting your dishes cleaner than ever before.

EcoSense: A Better Kind Of Clean

amy-batemanLike most people, you want a clean home. Only you’re busy, and on a budget, so you need cleaning products that bust through grime without busting your bank account. You also want a safe home, and having caustic chemicals like chlorine bleach lying around the house makes you nervous. You know that every day over 300 children in the United States require emergency medical care due to accidental poisonings by household items. That’s why you’re switching to EcoSense, and sharing it’s cleaning power with your friends and family.

EcoSense cleaning an laundry products harness cutting-edge technology and naturally derived ingredients for the perfect blend of science and nature. They’re better for your family, better for your home and better for your budget. And, of course, they work. So you can spend less time stress and money on daily chores, and do more of the things that really matter.

Just because our products are bleach-free doesn’t mean they can’t kick germs to the curb. Sol-U-Guard Botanical® kills over 99.9% of common household germs using the natural power of thyme and citric acid.

Many of today’s cleaning products are so harsh they can’t come in direct contact with your skin. You have to store them up high, out of reach of children, and they come with safety caps and warnings if accidentally ingested. Yet you are expected to slather them on your counter tops, sinks and floors.

Cleaning your home shouldn’t involve putting your family at risk. That’s why EcoSense cleaners avoid the caustic chemicals and abrasives that so many other cleaners rely on. All EcoSense products are free of chlorine bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, phosphates, phthalates and other harsh chemicals.

Formulas are developed with naturally derived ingredients–like thyme oil, distilled white vinegar, Melaleuca Oil, carnauba wax and citric acid. You get the best of both worlds: effective cleaning, stain-lifting, deodorizing and disinfecting power without the danger of harsh chemicals. With EcoSense, you’ll never compromise clean for safe.

elizabeth-craftBETTER FOR YOUR HOME
Harsh chemicals aren’t just hard on your skin, they’re also hard on your home and our planet. They contaminate water supplies, leach into the soil and have to be stored as hazardous waste. There’s a better way to clean. EcoSense® products are sourced from natural ingredients that won’t leave behind dangerous chemicals and poisons. They also reduce your impact on the environment with biodegradable ingredients and ultra-concentrated formulas. The smaller bottles result in less plastic, water and fuel waste, while still giving you potent cleaning power that lasts longer than grocery store brands.

With all these benefits, you might expect Ecosense cleaners to be premium-priced. Instead, EcoSense products save you money. Their concentrated formulas offer more cleaning power at less cost per use than many national brands. You get better quality at a better price. But that’s not all. Using Melaleuca laundry products can also cut more than $10 a month from your power bill. That’s because heating water for laundry uses 90% more energy than washing in cold water, and our products are specifically formulated to get your laundry clean in cold water.

Lemon Brite® – More Helpful With The Dishes Than Your Husband


Need an extra hand with the dishes? Lemon Brite, a customer-favorite, has been helping you do the dishes for years. The biodegradable ingredients do the hard work for you.

Doing the dishes doesn’t have to be a chore.
You can always use a little extra help doing the dishes. So while you get suds up to your elbows, Lemon Brite is also hard at work. Powered by biodegradable, naturally derived grease-cutting agents, Lemon Brite begins working on your dishes the moment they hit the suds.

Lemon Brite

  • Cuts grease and breaks down food quickly and thoroughly
  • Gentle, naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients
  • Ultra-concentrated formula saves you money

Solve It All With Sol-U-Mel

From sticky situations to serious stains, Sol-U-Mel® is your onestop cleaning solution for a myriad of household chores. Not only that, Sol-U-Mel is biodegradable and powered by Melaleuca Oil, so it’s safer for your home and the planet. Don’t take our word for it. Leadership in Action interviewed everyday users for stories of Sol-U-Mel’s stain-scouring, odor-eliminating powers. The results were impressive.


Reaching New Heights New & Improved MelaPower

A Melaleuca graphic for MelaPower

You already love MelaPower for being amazingly effective, gentle on your clothes and skin, biodegradable, fresh-smelling, super-concentrated, and effective in cold water. But the best is getting better. Introducing new and improved MelaPower with powerful new stain fighters.

Melapower has been supercharged with even more powerful stain fighters. Our already-amazing formula works better than ever on tough stains like grass, mud, chocolate, and even blood. The new stain fighters also mean that MelaPower is even more effective in cold water than before–saving energy and CO2 emissions. Its powerful Rinse Guard formula keeps dirt from settling back onto clothes and both scents rely on the all-natural goodness of essential oils.

Wash with cold or hot water–MelaPower works great in both!

  • Powerful natural stain fighters destroy your toughest stains
  • Just 1/2 fl. oz. cleans an entire load and costs less per use
  • Biodegradable, bleach-free, non-alkaline, and gentle
  • Patented formula you can’t get anywhere else