Getting Your Dishes Cleaner Is Now Easier than Ever

Melaleuca Product Diamond BriteIn December of 2004, the innovative Diamond Brite® formula was granted a patent as the first-ever dishwasher detergent with enzymes, a near-neutral pH, and absolutely no phosphates, chlorine bleach, or alkali.
Now, Melaleuca offers an all-new Diamond Brite that is more effective, more eco-friendly, and more convenient than before. This new formula delivers results never before seen from Diamond Brite. Just pop a pouch into your dishwasher and prepare to be amazed.

Diamond Brite’s new super-concentrated formula and powder base significantly boost enzyme performance–and the convenient pouches are 30% smaller than the competition’s. The new pouches use less plastic, leading to less fuel consumed and fewer emissions during shipping–making the new Diamond Brite better for the environment.

Cleaner Dishes

The new pouches are even more effective at removing stuck-on food and getting dishes completely clean with even more powerful natural enzymes.

plate, fork, spoon and knife


Less Plastic

The new resealable pouch uses 90% less plastic than the previous bottle, which was already significantly smaller than the competition’s.

Spot-free Shine

With the new sheeting action that comes in the new Diamond Brite formula, your dishes will shine without water spots.

Powder fillers

No Fillers

Every ingredient is used to improve the cleaning performance, there is no extra weight in shipping and you aren’t paying for unnecessary ingredients. that’s why Diamond Brite pouches are 30% smaller than the grocery store brands.

Safer Formula

Since 1994, Diamond Brite has been free of phosphates and chlorine bleach. New Diamond Brite has been carefully formulated and rigorously tested to effectively clean your toughest dish challenges and still contains no harsh chemicals, including chlorine bleach.

No Bleach

Clean Dishes

Clean Streams

Clean Conscience®

Using Diamond Brite gives you peace of mind knowing you are taking care of your family and the environment while still getting your dishes cleaner than ever before.