Even Brighter: New Diamond Brite Packs Bring Sparkling Dishes to Families Everywhere

There’s a new dishwasher detergent in town—one designed with your busy life in mind. Diamond Brite packs combine the convenience of a pack with the enhanced cleaning power of improved enzymes. So you get cleaner dishes, less fuss, and the new eco-friendly* pouch is gentler on Mother Earth.

Mother and Daughter doing dishes


You have kids, which means your dishes don’t always get rinsed (or even scraped!) before the little ones load them in the dishwasher. And being a mom, you don’t have time to re-rinse and load every dish. You need a dishwashing detergent that can power through stains and spare you a little elbow grease. The new Diamond Brite packs were created to do just that—break through food residue better than the competition. Baked on lasagna? Bring it on. Sticky rice? Consider it unstuck. The new enhanced formula allows for more concentrated, potent enzymes that retain their effectiveness longer than those used in dishwashing gels.
Clean dishes


Does hard water have your dishwasher delivering spotty results? Are you washing your cups and silverware, only to wash them again by hand? The new Diamond Brite packs were specifically designed to eliminate the need for double washing. That’s because the packs contain a new ingredient that helps water run off glassware and decrease spotting. So instead of spending the last five minutes before the in-laws arrive for dinner frantically wiping down spotty stemware, you can now fold napkin swans (or at least have time to fix your hair).
mountains and a lake


As a parent, you understand the importance of keeping the planet healthy for future generations. That’s why you buy Melaleuca products. You like the safety they provide for your home, your kids and the environment. New Diamond Brite packs are just one more way you contribute to a brighter tomorrow. Not only can you clean your dishes better than ever before without using harmful chemicals, but you can also cut down on plastic and greenhouse gases thanks to the eco-friendly* pouch.
Comparison of Cascade Gel and Diamond Brite Packs

Sparkling Dishes to Families Everywhere

Real families with really clean dishes

“I’ll buy the new Diamond Brite
packs over a gel any day. It gets the
coffee stains out a lot better. And I
hate having to squeeze every last
drop out of a bottle. The packs are
presorted, you grab it and you’re
good to go.”
—Cindi Leslie,
Malvern, OH
“I’ve got two young children at
home and they don’t always
rinse things very well. Before
Diamond Brite packs, if my kids
had chocolate milk and didn’t rinse
the cup, there would be leftover
residue. The new packs get it out.
And I don’t have to rewash any of
my silverware!”
—Veronica Smith,
Kingman, AZ
“I love the new Diamond Brite
packs! We have hard water and
I had to use a lot of dishwashing
gel, more than the recommended
amount, but the new packs work
great. I just throw one in and it
works! Because of the hard water
there used to be a smell in our dishwasher,
like things weren’t clean, but
since switching to the packs that is
completely gone.”
—Elizabeth Kelley,
Westminster, MA