Reaching New Heights New & Improved MelaPower

Melaleuca MelaPower

You already love MelaPower for being amazingly effective, gentle on your clothes and skin, biodegradable, fresh-smelling, super-concentrated, and effective in cold water. But the best is getting better. Introducing new and improved MelaPower with powerful new stain fighters. Melapower has been supercharged with even more powerful stain fighters. Our already-amazing formula works better than ever on…

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The Mess Stops Here

Things Tough and Tender Cleans

Be no-nonsense on messes–but keep a soft spot for the environment. Why clean up with Tough & Tender®? Because it’s tough on the everyday sticky, splattery, crusty, greasy, and grimy. But with a biodegradable, super-concentrated formula, it’s tender on the world around you. What does Tough & Tender® Clean? [column col=”1/3″] Cupboards Mantle Drawers [/column]…

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Keeping Your Home Healthy & Clean with EcoSense

Ecosense Cleaning Products

One Room at a Time As a mom, you know that a clean home can help your day run more smoothly and bring peace of mind to you and your family. You also know that no matter how many chore charts you make for your kids, you are ultimately the one who cares the most about creating a safe, comfortable environment for your family. But…

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The Power Grows On Trees – Melaleuca Ecosense

The problem For years, fighting germs in your home meant using cleaners and disinfectants loaded with dangerous, harsh chemicals. Products like Tilex® Mold & Mildew Remover, Lime-A-Way®, Lysol® Disinfectant Spray and Clorox® Bleach have been on store shelves and in homes all across the country for decades*. These products contain caustic chemicals that pose a…

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Works Hard So You Don’t Have To

Tub & Tile

More than a clean bathroom, a healthier home With long-lasting foam and a fresh, lemony fragrance, Tub & Tile naturally melts away tough soap scum and hard water stains. Each bottle of concentrate has the cleaning power of 20 lemons (citric acid)—so 1 bottle of Tub & Tile makes an amazing 6 bottles of cleaner.…

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How’s The Air Quality In Your Home?

Most people are aware of the dangers of outdoor air pollution, but did you know that indoor air quality can be even worse? Indoor air pollution is typically two-to-five times worse than the air outdoors. And since 90% of our time is spent indoors, indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five environmental…

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