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Woman Cleaning Bathroom with MelaleucaThe problem

For years, fighting germs in your home meant using cleaners and disinfectants loaded with dangerous, harsh chemicals. Products like Tilex® Mold & Mildew Remover, Lime-A-Way®, Lysol® Disinfectant Spray and Clorox® Bleach have been on store shelves and in homes all across the country for decades*. These products contain caustic chemicals that pose a considerable risk to the safety and health of your home environment. For many safety-conscious households this creates a big dilemma.


The Answer Grows on Trees

Effective Cleaners Powered by Nature

Melaleuca Ecosense looked for a better, safer way to make tubs sparkle and to remove germs. Melaleuca believes that safe, effective answers to everyday problems—even the problem of fighting household dirt and grime—can be found in nature. Melaleuca scientists are constantly searching to find these answers. And they found the answer to providing a clean, safe environment growing on trees with a well-known natural ingredient: citric acid.

LemonsSafe, natural citric acid

Who would’ve thought the ultimate enemy of hard water and soap scum could be found in a citrus grove? A perfect solution provided straight from nature, lemons have a natural ability to remove hard water deposits and literally melt away soap scum with citric acid. Harnessing the concentrated cleaning power of lemons, citric acid works without resorting to deadly chemical force, so you get more than a clean bathroom or kitchen—you get a safer, healthier home.
Citric acid is all-natural, highly renewable and biodegradable, so it doesn’t poison streams and rivers once it goes down the drain. There are no toxic fumes polluting indoor air quality, and it doesn’t require scary warnings on the label. It’s as harmless as cutting open a lemon and rubbing it on your tub or tile floor.
While you could squeeze citric acid straight from a lemon, you’d get other things too—like pulp and seeds. To make an effective cleaner, Melaleuca uses pure food-grade citric acid like the citric acid found in all citrus fruits, but in a much purer form. The citric acid that goes into each bottle of cleaner takes over 100 hours to make, including 35 hours spent on filtering alone. There’s not a higher grade of citric acid, even if you squeezed it straight from a fresh lemon.

Tub and Tile™:Tub & Tile

A highly effective yet safe alternative.

How does it work?

Tub & Tile combines citric acid with a biodegradable solvent and two biodegradable surfactants to rid your bathroom of hard water stains and soap scum in a quick, three-step process.

1. Citric acid undoes the reaction between soap and calcium deposits that create soap scum, isolating calcium minerals and transforming hard, scaly scum
into a soft fatty acid.

2. The lipophilic solvent penetrates the fatty acid, loosening its hold on the tub.

3. The two surfactants remove the soap scum and wash it completely away. Since Tub & Tile removes the food source of bacteria and mildew, your bathroom is truly clean.

Melaleuca Sol-U-GuardSol-U-Guard Botanical®:

A revolutionary disinfectant.

The power of two.

Sol-U-Guard Botanical is truly a solution to the big dilemma. The formula Melaleuca scientists created is a revolutionary disinfectant from two botanical ingredients. Finally, fighting dangerous household germs can be done with gentle, botanical ingredients like citric acid, not caustic chemicals.  This patented formula uses thyme oil and citric acid to create a solution for a healthier home environment. Why use two ingredients instead of one? Because some germs are more vulnerable to thyme oil. Others are more vulnerable to citric acid. The combination of citric acid and thyme oil allows Sol-U-Guard Botanical to kill 99.9% of common household germs, including E. coli, staph, salmonella, and strep.


  1. Rosie on January 21, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    This is a great entry although horribly short and leaving more questions than answers.

    Where do I get it? I live in Alaska – I doubt it’s on my grocery store shelf!

    What about homes like mine that have been victim to hard water (calcium? Lime? NOT iron.) since it was built in 1970 and the water has LITERALLY made my water softener stop working. Do you have something for that? How about the thick, very thick, rock hard scale stains in my toilet? Will your stuff work on that? And the faucets that are so horrible crusted w/ scale that I can’t even chip it off anymore. Will your stuff help with that?

    What about the coffee pots that my water ruins and I have to throw away every 3-4months? Do you have something for that? And my prized counter top ice maker that I purchased, because the one in the fridge was ruined (by my water) of course – it’s an enclosed ice machine whose innards I can’t get to. Do you have something for that?

    I’ve tried vinegar with very little results unless I can actually scrub and scrape the scale as well. Would it help for me to get citric acid powder and use that? How would I mix it? Is stronger better? Should I use citric acid AND vinegar together? Is that safe? Will they work together or will they inhibit each other?

    I desperately need more information!

  2. Christina on February 17, 2015 at 3:43 am

    Yes!!! You can have these products. I would love to help you get them. Feel free to email me so we can talk more [email protected]