Melaleuca Products Change Lives

Women with Melaleuca Products

When you have a positive experience with a product, it’s natural to share it with family, friends and neighbors. But when a product truly changes your life, you can’t help sharing it with everyone you know. WHETHER IT’S MELAPOWER, the Access® Bar, GC Control, RenewTM Lotion or the Vitality Pack powered by Oligo®, Melaleuca’s products…

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The Strength of Our Business Model

delivery man giving melaleuca box to a women

As I review the many statistics that come across my desk each month, I am continually impressed by the diligence and hard work of those who are building a Melaleuca business. I am also impressed by how many lives are being enhanced by the concept of “helping people reach their goals.” But I am impressed…

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The Right Way: Using Social Media To Build A Strong Contact List

Lance and Michelle Smith at a computer

CORPORATE DIRECTORS III Lance and Michelle Smith have used the internet as a means for growing their contact list since the beginning of their Melaleuca business in 2000. For the Smiths, the idea was never to blast friends with spam emails or post advertisements on the fringes of popular websites. Their goal was always to…

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Get Social 5 Tips For Using Social Media To Grow Your Melaleuca Business

Women at her computer

1 Create Buzz, Not Spam Social media can be an effective way to build your contact list, set appointments, recognize others and share information. But it can also cause problems if it isn’t used professionally. This doesn’t mean what you share should be boring; remember, most people are on social media sites for fun. Using…

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Once You “Get It” You’ll Focus More On The Products

"Melaleuca's exceptional growth is because of our products"

A MESSAGE FROM CEO FRANK VANDERSLOOT Melaleuca is becoming known around the globe as the world leader in wellness products. A combination of the company’s focus, bright scientists and good fortune has thrust Melaleuca into the spotlight as the company has introduced one lifechanging product after another. There are almost too many products to keep…

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The Melaleuca Revolution Continues

delivery man giving a women her melaleuca box

Melaleuca is 28 years old this month. For 25 and a half of those years, I have had the incredible opportunity of witnessing a marketing revolution—a revolution we call Consumer Direct Marketing. Melaleuca had nearly $12 million in sales the year I started. I have been delighted and amazed to watch it grow to $1.13…

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