Get Social 5 Tips For Using Social Media To Grow Your Melaleuca Business

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Create Buzz, Not Spam

Social media can be an effective way to build your contact list, set appointments, recognize others and share information. But it can also cause problems if it isn’t used professionally. This doesn’t mean what you share should be boring; remember, most people are on social media sites for fun. Using too much “sales” language can be off-putting, so find creative ways to generate interest and set the stage for a live conversation.


Post Succinct, Scroll-Stopping Content

Make the most of your wall posts by brainstorming conversation starters that generate interest and curiosity. Success with social media relies heavily on quickly catching a readers attention. Be careful not to get too wordy, keeping in mind that sometimes what you don’t say can be more powerful than what you do say.

Following Melaleuca's guidelines on internet and digital usage break down

Make statements that elicit curiosity

Summertime! Can’t wait to spend every Friday with my kids. What do you think we should do?

Omega-3s and Childhood Development–interesting article from Wall Street Journal. Moms, how do you make sure your kids are getting their omega-3s?

I just set a goal to be out of credit card debt by the holidays–who’s with me?

Trip of a lifetime to Africa. Reminded of how wonderful life is when you focus on others. Can’t believe I can share my passion for wellness AND receive such perks! Next trip: Mexico!


Use fun quotes. Make them interesting and related to what makes your business great: wellness.

The greatest wealth is health.

If you want to stay healthy for life, you need to take care of yourself. That’s the conventional wisdom… But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you.
–Deepak Chopra


Using sales or MLM language.

I’m looking for 5 people to join my team this month! Join now and get a camcorder. Message me for details!

Visit my website to learn about my cool new business opportunity! You deserve to make unlimited income while working from home!


Making product claims that aren’t related to a product’s legitimate use as discussed in Melaleuca’s official marketing materials:

I love this new omega-3 product. You have to try this stuff. It tastes delicious, and it cured my itchy scalp.


Focus on Wellness

You’re in the business of wellness, so show off your interest, knowledge and expertise. Be sociable and friendly. Generate conversation by posting interesting facts or asking questions about specific topics or issues related to health. People love to share, especially about themselves and their experiences.


Talk about the results you’ve seen in your health, ask sincere questions regarding changes you’d like to make in your life and invite people to help you find a solution to a problem you’re facing.

Calling all health gurus: I’m having friends over this weekend–what is your best healthy recipe for people obsessed with feeling great?

Wow–sulfate free shampoo for under $5. I’m loving how shiny my hair is now.

Thinking about signing up for the Bolder Boulder 10k…Who wants to do it with me?

Yay! Down 23 pounds since June!

Childhood obesity impacts learning and self-esteem–thanks Parenting magazine [with link] for the sobering info. Moms, what do you think?

Help! My kids just had chips and a soft drink for an afternoon snack. What healthy go-to snacks do your children eat AND love?


Mentioning Melaleuca-specific product names or sharing empty testimonials.

I sell Melaleuca fish oil and vitamins. You should use them too!

Wow! Melaleuca’s GC Control has helped me lose 25 lbs. I can’t believe it! Message me to learn how you can buy some!

Become a Melaleuca Preferred Customer this month for only $1! You’ll love how great the Gold Bar® feels on your skin!


Try a Teaser

Less is more, and a little mystery goes a long way. Post a “teaser” message and withhold the explanation until you have a few comments. Your friends will want to know more, and it’s a great way to connect with people interested in learning how they can have similar opportunities.


Post about the exciting experiences that building your Melaleuca business has provided.

Next trip–Hawaii [Add a digital picture of you and other Marketing Executives on the President’s Club trip to Africa]

I love my team! Such amazing women all on the wellness journey of a lifetime! [ Post a digital picture of you and your team at a team meeting or Concention]

My company is buying me a new Toyota Highlander. Not bad for a part-time job!

Off to the Salt Palace with some of my closest friends.

Excited to receive leadership training and celebrate in San Antonio with 300 other top Marketing Executives. We’ll be taking over the San Antonio River Walk this weekend–can’t wait! [Post a picture of the world-famous River Walk.]


A post that summarize the Delivering Wellness overview in a wordy paragraph.

I work for a wellness company that carries over 350 products. Our company is 28 years old and can provide yo uwith residual income. Our CEO’s name rhymes with Hank.

Here are the benefits of being a Melaleuca Preferred Customer: A 30-40 percent discount and great products. Want to join?


Celebrate Your Success

Your friends want to see you succeed. Share your important achievements in a subtle, classy manner. Try not to over-share or use excessively emotive punctuation or emoticons. Be wary of sounding conceited. You can share and celebrate the accomplishments of your team members, but make sure to get their permission before mentioning them in a post.


So excited for [Insert the name of the person you want to TAG]. She’ll be recognized on the main stage at Convention in a few weeks!

Just got back from Sale Lake City where my team was recognized as a top organization in the entire company. I’m so proud of my team! [Post a beautiful group photo of your team.]


Woohoo! I just advanced to Melaleuca Senior Director V! Thanks everyone!

Melaleuca–I am so blessed to work with this awesome Wellness Company! They just gave me a check for $5,000! My life rocks!


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    Thank you so much for sharing these tips, they are extremely helpful! We all have a tendency to want to share in the excitement because Melaleuca does have life changing products ( I would never use anything else now), but it is important to not sound like that used car sales person! Thanks again for the tips on how to intrigue others without being pushy or sounding like a sales person.

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