How To Be “Brainy”

Little girl thinking

You know the “brainy” type: For them, learning comes naturally and easily, while for others, learning is a real struggle. Or does it only appear that way? Studies suggest that acquiring any knowledge requires significant effort and brainpower. Some people have simply learned how to learn. Now that the school year is a few weeks…

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At Melaleuca Our Mission is to Help You Reach Your Goals

Mother, father, and daughter laughing

Melaleuca isn’t your typical company. While other companies define themselves in terms of profit and growth, we measure our success by an entirely different factor–our ability to enhance your life. When you take the focus off the profits and put it on the people, something amazing happens. You get products that are safer for your…

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Soft, Supple Skin Is Always In With Renew

Deep, long-lasting moisturizer. It’s what helps even the driest skin become softer and healthier and it’s what you’ll find inside every bottle of Renew Lotion. Discover for yourself why Renew Lotion has changed the lives of so many people suffering from dry skin. It has the right levels of glycerin to draw moisture deep into your skin,…

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Lose Big – Four Simple Weight Loss Steps

Melaleuca GC Control

Hunger is the biggest enemy of weight loss. This plan from Melaleuca Vitality combats hunger and blood sugar swings so you won’t have a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach while you lose weight. Step 1 – Eat Smaller Meals Instead of three large meals a day, eat three small meals and two snacks. You have a daily calorie allotment, but when…

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How Stress Can Make You Stronger

Melaleuca stress

STRESS You can’t live with it, and you can’t live without it. And, much like the question of whether having eggs for breakfast is a good or bad idea, the debate over stress is an ongoing bone of contention. Some say stress causes everything from the common cold to cancer, and some say stress does for…

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What Makes Melaleuca’s Oligo Such a Game-Changer?

Melaleuca Oligo logo

Seeking solutions from nature In fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, plants draw nutrients from the soil, binding them to proteins and fibers. In this form they are in an ideal condition for the human body to use and absorb them. The team of Melaleuca scientists set out to duplicate the process used by nature.…

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