How Attain GC Control is Putting Melaleuca Customers Back in Control

Melaleuca products work

WHAT KIND OF DIFFERENCE can a shake make? Just ask Deb Brown, Frances Martin, and Linda Hutchinson, who have seen their lives transformed since Melaleuca introduced GC Control in May 2012.* Question: Where was your health headed before you discovered GC Control? Deb Brown: I had all five of the risk factors of metabolic syndrome—high blood…

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What Really Causes Acne and How You Can Prevent It

Melaleuca has a solution for acne

How common is acne? Tens of millions of North Americans suffer with it—adults as well as teenagers. We spend more than a billion dollars each year trying to fight it. If you’ve dealt with acne, you know how devastating it can be to your self-confidence. No wonder you want to avoid it. The good news…

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