There’s Nothing Like It!

Melaleuca mom and son

IF YOU WANT TO FIND A LITTLE HUMOR about debt and money, you don’t have to look far. Here are a few favorites–from Melaleuca’s President, McKay Christensen. Remember when we spent money like there was no tomorrow? Well, it’s tomorrow. What leads most people into debt? Trying to catch up with people who are already…

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What Makes Melaleuca’s Oligo Such a Game-Changer?

Melaleuca Oligo logo

Seeking solutions from nature In fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, plants draw nutrients from the soil, binding them to proteins and fibers. In this form they are in an ideal condition for the human body to use and absorb them. The team of Melaleuca scientists set out to duplicate the process used by nature.…

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New Research Confirms – Take Your Vitamins and Minerals

Melaleuca vitamin woman

According to research, taking the right multivitamin-mineral can yield long-lasting health benefits. Two-thirds of U.S. adults don’t take a multivitamin-mineral. Why not? Many simply don’t think multivitamin-minerals work well enough to make a difference. But new research suggests that multivitamin-minerals are highly effective—and can have an impact on our ongoing health and well-being. New research…

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Don’t Sweat The Mess – Use MELAPOWER 6X

Melaleuca Image - Girl With Ice Cream

She is one happy girl. Chocolate ice cream never tasted so good. And with Melaleuca’s MELAPOWER 6X there is no need to worry about the mess. Laundry goes in chocolate, and comes out clean — ready for another scoop. Thank you, Melaleuca, for making affordable, eco-friendly, safer-for-your-home (and family) products that work so well. You put…

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It Happened Again Last Night

melaleuca to work

Our little secret … JUST HOME FROM WORK, I’m taking off my jacket and greeting my children … when I notice something missing. That ugly spot on the carpet (remember, I said we have children). It is gone. Vanished. I look in wonder at my wife, and she mouths a one-word reply: Melaleuca. Products that…

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