It Happened Again Last Night

melaleuca to work

Our little secret … JUST HOME FROM WORK, I’m taking off my jacket and greeting my children … when I notice something missing. That ugly spot on the carpet (remember, I said we have children). It is gone. Vanished. I look in wonder at my wife, and she mouths a one-word reply: Melaleuca. Products that…

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A Girl With No Name and The Melaleuca Foundation

Melaleuca Foundation orphan

A TERRIFIED LITTLE GIRL arrived at the Santa Lucia Children’s Home on a dark January night. Too young to speak, she couldn’t tell the nuns how she had been abandoned in the bathroom of a billiards hall. She had no family. She had no name. And there was no way to know what her past…

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Security Bear

Melaleuca Security

There are times when we all need a hug … That is why it’s called “Melaleuca Security.” Thank you to Leadership In Action magazine and the talented team at Melaleuca Creative for this endearing reminder of why a good home security system is invaluable to peace of mind.

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Melaleuca EcoSense Products

Melaleuca’s EcoSense® cleaners have revolutionized the way families keep their homes and environments clean. Because of Melaleuca’s chlorine-free, concentrated formulas, customers the world over are seeing the incredible value of using EcoSense products. When Executive Director VI Jennifer Coffel and her husband, Paul, enrolled with Melaleuca in 2004, they knew they’d need to get rid of their…

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Melaleuca EcoSense Gives You a Clean Beyond Laundry, Dishes, Floors and Tubs.

Photo of Sol-U-Guard Botanical

IN 1958, Procter & Gamble’s “Mr. Clean” debuted on television in Pittsburgh. Within years, TV ads featuring cleaning products had taken over the airwaves, touting everything from dish detergents to floor cleaners. Since that time, millions of dollars have been spent on TV advertisements for cleaning products alone, with brands competing for traction in a…

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Peer Pressure Can Be Your Body’s Best Friend

Melaleuca runner

AT THE BEGINNING of every new year, many of us put “Get into shape” at the top of our resolution list. Normally, though, our good intentons don’t last beyond Valentine’s Day before we begin to slip back into old habits. Melaleuca suggests a way to prevent that. If you have failed to keep your resolution,…

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