Melaleuca Convention 2016 Gala

Every year, Melaleuca Convention is capped off by the Gala Awards Banquet. It is easily the biggest night of the year at Melaleuca, and this year we’re live streaming the event for the first time ever.

The live stream includes pre-recorded interviews and highlights from all three days of Convention; a look inside the Melaleuca Product Hall, including the amazing new products that were launched Day 1 of Convention; pre-Gala “red carpet” interviews; and complete live coverage of the Gala.

Watch as Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot sits down for a one-on-one interview to discuss Melaleuca’s growth. “A hundred-and-fifty-five-thousand new households joined us just last month,” Frank says. “We’re growing like a rocket ship.”

In the interview, Frank also talks about the reason Melaleuca holds an annual Convention. It’s all about creating an environment where people can change their lives, he says. “This is a forum where people can think deeply about where they are in life, be thinking deeply about what life is about, learn how to take charge of their own lives, and hopefully makes some decisions that they are going to do exactly that,” Frank says. “A lot of people go forward from this point—from Convention—and change their life.”

East Idaho News’ Nate Eaton also interviewed several others, including Melaleuca President McKay Christensen, Melaleuca Marketing Executives and customers, and singer and The Voice contestant Brian Nhira. Each of these interviews is included in the Gala live stream video.

For over 30 years, Melaleuca has been manufacturing and selling quality consumable products including vitamins and supplements, health foods and fitness products, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and super-concentrated household cleaners, and more. These wellness products are made with the finest ingredients and a balance of science and nature to help customers live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives. Since the beginning, Melaleuca’s mission has been “Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.”

Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care: World Environment Day

Today, people all over the world are celebrating World Environment Day. It’s an opportunity to reevaluate the impact each of us has on the environment and decide to make wiser, more conscientious choices regarding the place we all call home. This year, the theme is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” At Melaleuca, that theme is important to us. We work hard every day to make sure that our products and business practices are environmentally friendly. We are passionate about and committed to eco-friendly practices that contribute to sustaining Mother Nature and planet Earth:

No Harsh Chemicals
Instead of harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, ammonia, and formaldehyde, Melaleuca EcoSense® products are powered by naturally derived ingredients including essential oils.

Concentrated Products
Melaleuca products are concentrated, which means that we use less plastic, less fuel, and less water. That leads to our using fewer resources and creating less pollution. If all the plastic that Melaleuca customers have saved since 1985 were turned into laundry baskets, there would be enough to circle the earth seven times!

We use sustainably sourced and recycled materials in our, shipping materials and product packaging. We also recycle every material we can, from cardboard boxes to plastic bottles.

Our distribution facility uses skylights and energy-efficient lighting to cut back on electricity. Our Idaho Falls facilities are powered by 97% hydro and wind energy!

We save you the cost of driving to the grocery store by shipping products directly to you. Trucks leave our distribution center packed to full capacity in order to maximize fuel use.

Your Melaleuca orders are packed with air pillows instead of bubble wrap of Styrofoam peanuts, which create far less waste in landfills and require less fuel to ship to your door.

Reusable plastic bins are used to move products at our plant instead of industry-standard, disposable cardboard boxes. Once the bins can no longer be used, they are recycled into fiber optic cables.

Melaleuca EcoSense® products are formulated with natural, biodegradable ingredients that do not disrupt the ecosystem when they return to our waterways.

The products we make are processed, packaged, and delivered in conscientious ways and offer you a safe and effective alternative to store brands so you don’t have to compromise. Since 1985, Melaleuca Customers like you have helped save or avoid over:

  • 166,100,000 pounds of plastic
  • 34,800,000 gallons of gasoline
  • 37,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 84,082,000 pounds of algae-choking waterways

And they’ve done that just by switching to smarter, safer, cleaner products.

“Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference.” –UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

For thirty years, Melaleuca has made environmental wellness an important part of our company culture one person at a time. Make your own commitment to living sustainably. Choose to purchase products from companies that are committed to eco-friendly practices. Consume less, and consume more carefully. Celebrate World Environment Day every day. In doing so, you’ll make a difference for the environment and our entire global community!

New Sol-U-Guard Botanical® Hand Wash

Melaleuca is pleased to introduce a revolution in hand hygiene: new Sol-U-Guard Botanical Hand Wash. It’s a brand-new approach to effectively wash away dirt and bacteria, while keeping your hands touchably soft.
Formulated with the herb thyme and citric acid, Sol-U-Guard Botanical Hand Wash is 100% triclosan-free and is available in two sunny scents: Citrus, a fragrance of grapefruit, lemon, and pomegranate, and Tropical, an exotic blend of jasmine, pineapple and coconut.
This is the hand wash your family will lather up again and again.

New Vitality Elevate™

Now you can get more out of every workout. Melaleuca introduces Vitality Elevate: a full suite of proven formulas that support energy, strength, endurance and recovery. Each product is formulated with research-backed ingredients, optimized to help you get stronger, go longer, push harder and reach your loftiest fitness goals.
Designed for everyone from the serious athlete to the fitness beginner, the new Peak Performance Nutrition Pack delivers targeted nutritional support to elevate your fitness and your life, so you can get the most from your efforts and achieve your fitness goals. Powered by patented Oligo®, the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack contains Vitality Multivitamin and Mineral™, Vitality CardiOmega EPA™, CellWise®, ProvexCV®, Recover AI™ and Florify®. And, it’s available in formulas for men, women and 50+.
To see more Vitality Elevate products, check out the video.

The 2014 Melaleuca Freedom Celebration Fireworks Show

One of the largest Fourth of July fireworks displays in America, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration in Idaho Falls, Idaho, has been a must-see show for 22 years. The 2014 edition packed more than 17,000 shells into the 30-minute spectacular above the scenic Snake River, making it the biggest Independence Day fireworks display west of the Mississippi.
Melaleuca is passionate about celebrating the freedom and liberty upon which the United States is founded, as well as honoring the brave men and women who have fought and died to protect that freedom and liberty. That’s why Melaleuca adds to the fireworks show’s budget each year to ensure it remains one of the most grand and rousing Fourth of July celebrations in the country.
The shells are provided by Western Display Fireworks, and each one is choreographed to patriotic music and inspiring messages broadcast live on KLCE Classy 97.3 FM. The result is one of the most dramatic and stunning pyrotechnic shows in the world, and one that is attended and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people each year.
Watch the complete 2014 Melaleuca Freedom Celebration Fireworks Show here.

Melaleuca Preferred Customer Program |

Melaleuca’s Preferred Customers are those who have notified Melaleuca that they plan to purchase a minimum of 35 Product Points of Melaleuca products every month. A Product Point is simply a value that is assigned to each product. Using 35 product points a month is very easy to do.
As you become familiar with Melaleuca’s products, you’ll develop many favorites and find yourself ordering two to three times that amount every month. And the good thing is, you’ll simply be replacing products you’re already purchasing from the grocery store, drugstore or health food store, so there will be no strain on your budget.
Melaleuca products are also much better for you and your family than what you’re currently purchasing. And Melaleuca rewards the loyalty of its Preferred Customers with a number of valuable and exciting benefits. Preferred Customers are rewarded by receiving a 30-40% discount off all of their Melaleuca purchases each month.
To learn more about the benefits of being a Melaleuca Preferred Customer, watch the video.