New Vitality Elevate™

Now you can get more out of every workout. Melaleuca introduces Vitality Elevate: a full suite of proven formulas that support energy, strength, endurance and recovery. Each product is formulated with research-backed ingredients, optimized to help you get stronger, go longer, push harder and reach your loftiest fitness goals.
Designed for everyone from the serious athlete to the fitness beginner, the new Peak Performance Nutrition Pack delivers targeted nutritional support to elevate your fitness and your life, so you can get the most from your efforts and achieve your fitness goals. Powered by patented Oligo®, the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack contains Vitality Multivitamin and Mineral™, Vitality CardiOmega EPA™, CellWise®, ProvexCV®, Recover AI™ and Florify®. And, it’s available in formulas for men, women and 50+.
To see more Vitality Elevate products, check out the video.