New Value-Size Koala Pals™ Shakeables™

New Value Size Koala Pals Shakeables

Melaleuca presents Koala Pals Shakeables, now in a 30-serving bag. Every day, kids are jumping, swinging, running and learning. But most of all, they’re growing, so nutrition is critical every day. Now, it’s easy to get the 22 crucial vitamins and minerals they need at an incredible value—every day. And Shakeables is the only children’s…

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New Access® Chocolate S’mores Spark

New Access® Chocolate S’mores Spark Still

Set your fitness goals on fire with all-new Access Chocolate S’mores Spark. This new, limited-time flavor has all the fat-burning and muscle-toning power you’ve come to expect from Access with a delicious chocolate-graham taste that will have you looking forward to every workout. With Melaleuca’s exclusive technology inside, Access Chocolate S’mores Spark bars allow you…

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New MelaBrite® Plus OXI

New-MelaBrite®-Plus-OXI still

Melaleuca has been innovating in home and laundry cleaning for nearly 30 years. And the breakthroughs just keep coming. Melaleuca introduces EcoSense® MelaBrite Plus OXI. MelaBrite Plus OXI combines five natural enzymes in a tiny, chlorine bleach-free pack to brighten whites, enliven colors and deodorize your laundry. New MelaBrite Plus Oxi is the brightest idea…

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New Value-Size Attain® GC Control™

New Value Size Attain GC-Control still

GC Control provides natural blood sugar and weight-management support unlike any other product in the world. And its benefits are amplified when used on a daily basis. GC Control is engineered specifically to help you actively support a healthy weight, strong cardiovascular system and normal blood sugar metabolism. This one-of-a-kind shake is scientifically designed to…

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New Exceed™ Mints

New Exceed Mints Still

Keep your breath in mint condition with new Exceed mints. Boldly refreshing, new Exceed mints come in three delicious flavors: crisp peppermint, cool wintergreen and sweet strawberry. It’s fresh breath the whole family will love. Exceed mints are sugar-free and aspartame free, so they provide a long-lasting flavor rush that freshens your breath in a…

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New Yogurt Berry Parfait Simply Fit™ Snack Bars

New Yogurt Berry Parfait Simply Fit Snack Bars Still

Melaleuca introduces new scrumptious Yogurt Berry Parfait Simply Fit snack bars. Delicious berries blend with chewy whole-grain granola and are then drizzled with smooth, creamy yogurt. It’s the smart and tasty way to snack. Packed with protein, fiber, and ALA omega-3s, there’s no better, more delicious snack bar out there. They’re a low-sodium, naturally delicious,…

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