Life’s Better On A Budget

A couple budgeting

Have you ever daydreamed about having more money than you knew what to do with? Imagine wanting something—stylish new shoes, a sports car, a sprawling mansion, an island, anything—and buying it without pause thanks to your bottomless, overflowing coffers. How wonderful would that be? Unfortunately, none of us has an inexhaustible supply of money. Income…

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Escape the Santa Trap 6 Tips For Paying Down Holiday Debt

Santa's hand holding a credit card

It’s January, and all that holiday cheer is catching up with your bank account. Sure you got some amazing deals—25, 50, 75 percent off everything your family ever wanted!—but the magic of Christmas morning is now overshadowed by hefty credit card bills. If only you’d taken a cue from the Grinch and remembered that Christmas…

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A Home for the Holidays

The Ryans Family

When Brock Ryan gets in his car tomorrow, scrapes off the morning frost and revs the engine for his morning commute, he’ll save 30 precious minutes. That’s an extra 260 hours a year—over 10 and a half days—he can spend with his family. He can have breakfast with his daughter, read her favorite storybook or…

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Helping Christmas Mean a Little Bit More

The de Jager family

For the de Jager family, the most important present this Christmas won’t come brightly wrapped with ribbons or bows. There’ll be plenty of those, but the gift that matters the most will be spending Christmas together. For the first time since moving from South Africa to the United States, Cornelius de Jager will have the…

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Just in Time for the Holidays

The Grimley Family

Between their bills and a mountain of maxedout credit cards, the Grimleys only had $150 leftover each month to feed their family of four. Forget movies or new shoes or even candy for the stockings—how could they possibly provide basic nutrition for an entire month with only $150? Almost overnight, the Grimleys’ finances crumbled into…

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Better Than Winning the Lottery

Nick and Crystal Volk

Nick and Crystal Volk know what it’s like to burn the candle at both ends. For 25 years they worked nonstop: seven days a week and double shifts. “As young people, we were taught right away to work hard and save our money,” Crystal says. “When we got married, we started with very little. We…

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