A Home for the Holidays

The Ryans Family

When Brock Ryan gets in his car tomorrow, scrapes off the morning frost and revs the engine for his morning commute, he’ll save 30 precious minutes. That’s an extra 260 hours a year—over 10 and a half days—he can spend with his family. He can have breakfast with his daughter, read her favorite storybook or snuggle with his wife on the couch. And it’s all thanks to a little extra income from Melaleuca.

Last June, the Ryans took a hard look at their finances. They knew they wanted to have another child, but their current income and two-bedroom apartment presented a problem. Rachel started looking for ways she could make some extra money. Her family had shopped with Melaleuca for years, and she loved the products, so it seemed a natural fit to try building a business.

Right away, she was impressed with the Compensation Plan and the competitive prices. She’d worked for a multilevel marketing company in the past, but the business model was confusing and the products were poorly made and overpriced. Melaleuca’s Consumer Direct Marketing® plan, on the other hand, just made sense. And the reasonably priced, quality products were easy to recommend to friends and family. As a result, Rachel earned $148 her first month and $1,186 the next month.

“I love that if we’re having a rough month we can make up for it with Melaleuca,” Rachel says. “Not everyone has that option.”

That extra income has made a big difference. The Ryans were able to move out of their apartment and into a home closer to Brock’s work—cutting his commute in half. They also have more room for a growing family, with four bedrooms, an extra bathroom and a fenced backyard where their daughter can play.

“Our biggest Christmas present to ourselves is moving into a new house,” Rachel says. “But another beautiful thing about this year is that we’re now in a position to give back and help others who’ve given so much to us. Thanks to Melaleuca we have that financial flexibility.”


  1. Sophia & Mike Graham on January 3, 2014 at 9:58 am

    Our extra income also allowed us to move out of a house we were renting for five years into our new home with a pool on 4+ acres. God is good, and I enjoy working with this company.