Better Than Winning the Lottery

"Better than winning the lottrey", Crystal & Nick Volk, Senior Directs IV
Nick and Crystal Volk

Nick and Crystal Volk know what it’s like to burn the candle at both ends. For 25 years they worked nonstop: seven days a week and double shifts.

“As young people, we were taught right away to work hard and save our money,” Crystal says. “When we got married, we started with very little. We both worked two jobs and also ran a restaurant.”

It wasn’t an easy schedule, but it allowed the Volks to make extra payments and whittle down their debt. “We started only paying a little extra, but every little bit counts,” Crystal says. “That’s what we taught our kids: Just pay a little extra and that adds up.”

Then in 1993, Crystal was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. “After my diagnosis, I started looking for safer cleaners,” Crystal recalls. “I wanted to get the harsh chemicals out of my home and business.”

The Volks discovered Melaleuca and began taking Vitality for Life® supplements. They also converted their home over to EcoSense® products. At first, the Volks were just customers. They told a few friends about Melaleuca and received enough money to pay for their products. “For 20 years, Melaleuca has paid for the nutrition that helps keep us healthy,” Crystal says. “That’s money that would’ve come from our other income, but instead we were able to pay more money on our mortgage.”

Like drops in a bucket, that extra money added up. “It helped us enjoy a lot of the smaller things in life,” Nick says.

Then, when the Volks retired and sold their restaurant, they started putting more time into their Melaleuca business. “I got a little bored and restless and wondered what I should do,” Crystal says. “I decided I wanted to tell more people about Melaleuca. I help customers get the chemicals out of their homes, and they call me up and say thank you. It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, if you can even call it a job.”

Now Senior Directors IV, the Volks enjoy a thriving Melaleuca business. “My residual income after working this business for a year and half is more than my retirement from a job of 25 years,” Crystal says. “Melaleuca is a great business. You start it for $29, and it can be whatever you want it to be. We had to sink a lot of money into our restaurant, and at the end of the year we didn’t always know if we would make enough to cover our taxes.”

Volk's Home

All those years of hard work, careful spending and double payments allowed the Volks to burn the mortgage to their gorgeous 10-acre farmstead at Melaleuca’s 2013 Convention. In addition to paying off their mortgage, the Volks used their Melaleuca income to help completely remodel their three-story home.

“If we would’ve built a Melaleuca business back in ’93, we would’ve been out of debt a lot sooner,” Nick says.

As it is, the Volks encourage anyone looking for extra income to start with Melaleuca. “In many ways, Melaleuca is better than winning the lottery,” Crystal says. “Everyone can win. All these years I’ve never had anybody come back to me and say, ‘What you told me wasn’t true.’ That means a lot. Nobody would stay with Melaleuca for 20 years if the products didn’t work.”


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