At Melaleuca Our Mission is to Help You Reach Your Goals

Melaleuca isn’t your typical company. While other companies define themselves in terms of profit and growth, we measure our success by an entirely different factor–our ability to enhance your life.

When you take the focus off the profits and put it on the people, something amazing happens. You get products that are safer for your home, gentler on the environment, and a better value than anything you’ll find on the shelves of a grocery store.

But Melaleuca’s definition of wellness extends far beyond the products.

Chances are, you learned about Melaleuca from a friend, coworker, or neighbor. That’s because we don’t spend money on advertising or retail middlemen. And as a result, we are able to share our profits with those who share our products.

And while Melaleuca offers more than 350 exclusive wellness products, they represent something something far more valuable than items on a shelf, they represent the ability to enhance your health, your environment, your finances, and your quality of life. That’s why Melaleuca exists. That’s why we’re known as The Wellness Company.


Your Health

Rediscover wht it means to be full of life.

Who doesn’t want to live a longer, more vibrant life? Your health is the foundation of everything you do–every single day. It allows you to make a living, to pursue your passions, to be there for those who need you most.

For nearly 30 years, Melaleuca has been on a mission to help our customers take control of their own health with innovative, one-of-a-kind natural solutions that tackle our greatest health threats.

  • Helping you achieve your ideal weight. From powering your activity to helping make smarter eating choices, Melaleuca has simple steps to help you reach your goals.
  • Providing your body with critical nutrition. Our modern diet is severely lacking in the nutrients we need daily for optimal health. Help close those gaps with nutrition thats Just Like Nature®.
  • Maintaining optimal hearth health. Melaleuca addresses every aspect of heart health with proven natural solutions.


Your quality of life

Achieve the life you want and the time to live it.

It’s a simple equation. The more time you can spend on what’s most fulfilling to you, the happier and more satisfied you are.

The problem is, in our hectic lives the most important things often get pushed into a corner by the moment-to-moment stresses of work, family, and social obligations.

With its wellness products and financial opportunities, Melaleuca is uniquely positioned to help you find personal fulfillment.

  • Build more meaningful relationships with those you love
  • Set and achieve more personal goals.
  • Create true time freedom for yourself and your family

With Melaleuca, it’s all well within your reach.


Your Finances

A pathway to financial freedom and an income to help you complete the journey.

No other company provides a principle-based formula for achieving financial wellness combined with a proven source of residual income.

With Melaleuca, you’re just six steps away from achieving financial wellness:

  1. Get started with a $1,000 emergency fund.
  2. Power roll your debt.
  3. Increase your income.
  4. Invest 15% of your household income
  5. Pay off your mortgage early.
  6. Build wealth and give.

Freedom is waiting.


Your environment

Clean Home. Clean World. Clean Conscience.

A home is a better place to be when it’s clean. Same goes for planet earth.

Clean is better for everybody. But is it possible to live a clean life in your own home while making the earth a cleaner place to live? Melaleuca says yes.

For decades, Melaleuca has been at the forefront of highly concentrated, safer, nature-derived products that clean homes without making the world a dirtier place.

  • Your home. You and your family deserve to live in a clean home free from the dangers of the toxins and chemicals that can be found in typical cleaning products.
  • Your environment. The little decisions we make today, like skipping a trip, adjusting our thermostat, and recycling, will have a very real impact on the generations to come.

Keeping Your Home Healthy & Clean with EcoSense

One Room at a Time

As a mom, you know that a clean home can help your day run more smoothly and bring peace of mind to you and your family. You also know that no matter how many chore charts you make for your kids, you are ultimately the one who cares the most about creating a safe, comfortable environment for your family. But as you rush out the door each morning— lunchboxes, school projects and children in tow—you just don’t have time to tackle your entire cleaning checklist. What follows are tips for safe, efficient cleaning with EcoSense, one room at a time.


Ecosense Cleaning ProductsGETTING STARTED:

To begin, choose a plastic container or supply caddy that is easy to carry from room to room and fill it with the items pictured below. With your cleaners collected and ready to go, you’ll be able to focus on actual cleaning for just one hour throughout the day and easily stop and start again when you get interrupted.


A timer will keep you moving—the goal is to quickly complete the basics and have more time for fun.

Collect the Right Tools

You need cleaners that will work as hard as you do— without leaving your home smelling like a swimming pool or industrial plant. Melaleuca’s EcoSense products bring you the cleaning power you need, with no safety caps required. You can rest assured that you’re using products that are safe for your home and your familyand that make your job a little easier.

Kitchen – (20 minutes)

The kitchen is called the heart of the home; unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest rooms to keep clean. In fact, kitchen counters average 62,000 germs per square inch! So, if you’re trying to decrease your cleaning stress, make your kitchen your first stop in the morning or your last stop before bed. Set your timer for 10 minutes, twice a day, then wipe up stovetop spills with Tough & Tender® and disinfect counters* with Sol-U-Guard Botanical®. Sort and organize paper clutter and toss or shred junk mail, etc. For a cute organizer, you could hang a repurposed window shutter on your wall and use the slats to sort mail and other paper items so they stay off your counter.

Melaleuca Dish Detergent

Run the dishwasher before you go  to bed so

Diamond Brite® Automatic Dishwasher

Detergent can work for you while you sleep.

Living Room – (10 minutes)

The living room is built for card games, movies and spur-of-the-moment sibling sleepovers—it’s where your family spends the most time together. It’s also the room that others will see most often, so keeping it clean will help you feel more confident about welcoming guests and friends into your home. To fight the mess that inevitably comes with fun activities, set your timer for 10 minutes once a day and gather discarded items strewn about the room; divide those items into piles for your children to put away, or place decorative baskets on a simple shelving unit for a stylish way to store toys. Once a week, wipe your furniture with Rustic Touch® to polish and protect your furniture. Finally, scan your rugs, carpet and upholstery for stains; Sol-U-Mel® can save you from costly repairs and replacements.

Bathroom – (10 minutes)

Spend a little time each day maintaining the bathroom that is used most frequently, whether it’s your master bathroom or your kids’ bathroom down the hall. Set your timer for 10 minutes and start by cleaning your counter space from top to bottom: Clean the mirror with Clear Power® and use Tough & Tender on the counter. Then, mop your floor with MelaMagic® and spray Tub & Tile® on your toilet and bathtub. Let the Tub & Tile sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off. Maximize your space by adding shelves above or next to the toilet, and your bathroom will always look tidy.

No Work CleanerTIMESAVER:
Use No Work® to minimize

the number of times you need

to clean your shower by hand.

Rotating Chores – (20 minutes)

You’ll feel less stressed once you’ve conquered the three most trafficked rooms in your home and freed them from major messes. Unfortunately, everyone knows that just doing the basics won’t get you very far ahead with housekeeping. Take 20 minutes in the morning to check one additional deep-cleaning chore off your list: Start a load of laundry, sweep or mop your floors, wipe down your microwave, dust your light fixtures, etc. Rotating through these additional tasks will keep you from feeling behind and give you more time to put your feet up and enjoy that favorite book before the kids get home.

Cleaning wipes by EcosenseTIMESAVER:
Keep Tough & Tender Wipes handy—

one pack per room perhaps—

for those quick cleanups and

unexpected spills.

4 Simple Steps To A Cleaner World

A Melaleuca graphic for MelaPower

A cleaner world. We all want it. But how do you make a difference? A real difference for not only our own generation but those who will follow. It starts with understanding the four main ways our day-to-day living is making the world dirty. And then taking some simple steps to help make things clean again.


cleaner-world-water1 PROTECT WATER

It is important for us to protect our waterways from contamination. Common household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that end up going down the drain.

In the U.S., 500,000 tons of pollutants pour into lakes and rivers daily and many chemicals are not removed even after passing through water treatment facilities.

Use cleaning products without chlorine, phosphates and other harsh chemicals to help reduce the amount of pollutants that enter our waterways.




Most countries are experiencing significant energy demand growth, which puts pressure on the resources used to generate that energy. There are easy things we can do to help conserve the energy we would otherwise waste each day.

45% of your home energy costs come from space heating.

Program or manually turn down your thermostat by two degrees in the winter and turn it up two degrees in the summer to cut back on energy costs.




According to the EPA, vehicle emissions and other toxic air pollutants that are found in some home cleaning products can contribute to health risks such as damage to the immune system and respiratory health problems.

Vehicle exhaust alone contributes about 60% of all air pollution emissions nationwide and up to 95% in cities.

Use mass transit, ride your bike, or carpool wherever possible to help reduce the amount of exhaust in your area.




Every year, the U.S. generates approximately 230 million tons of garbage. Less than one quarter of garbage is recycled. Recycling keeps unnecessary garbage out of landfills and conserves Earth’s previous natural resources.

In the U.S., each person generates about 4.6 pounds of garbage
every day.

Recycle old newspapers, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic containers to help reduce the amount of trash.

Melaleuca EcoSense Products

Melaleuca Tough and TenderMelaleuca’s EcoSense® cleaners have revolutionized the way families keep their homes and environments clean. Because of Melaleuca’s chlorine-free, concentrated formulas, customers the world over are seeing the incredible value of using EcoSense products.

When Executive Director VI Jennifer Coffel and her husband, Paul, enrolled with Melaleuca in 2004, they knew they’d need to get rid of their old cleaning products.

“Paul had saved a lot on our cleaning products through some really good rebate programs, and had stockpiled a good amount in our home,” Jennifer says. “But we had just learned about what goes into so many of the cleaners out there, and we knew we had to make the switch to EcoSense. We got rid of them.”

With their store-brand cleaning products out of the house, the Coffels finally had room for Melaleuca’s cleaner, safer products.

Melaleuca Execs

Paul and Jennifer Coffel

“For the past eight years, we’ve only had Melaleuca products in our home,” Jennifer says. “And EcoSense is something I bring up in every one of my Delivering Wellness presentations. Obviously, Melaleuca is much more than a cleaning product business, but EcoSense sets us apart in so many ways.”

For Jennifer, there’s an education component to Melaleuca that she feels is important for people to hear.

Once potential customers get educated about the truth, they usually switch stores pretty easily,” Jennifer says. “Most parents don’t really understand how harmful many chemicals are, especially to little children. They haven’t realized that their child’s asthma or eczema may have come from the products they use to clean the tub or wash the dishes.

“Granted, most people don’t buy cleaning products every single month, but the savings and safety they’ll find when they do shop for them are unbeatable. And that sets the stage for real growth in this business.”

Melaleuca believes that cleaning your home shouldn’t pollute your environment, being tough on germs shouldn’t be tough on your family, and a little prevention can save you thousands in the long run.

Melaleuca EcoSense Gives You a Clean Beyond Laundry, Dishes, Floors and Tubs.

Melaleuca adIN 1958, Procter & Gamble’s “Mr. Clean” debuted on television in Pittsburgh. Within years, TV ads featuring cleaning products had taken over the airwaves, touting everything from dish detergents to floor cleaners. Since that time, millions of dollars have been spent on TV advertisements for cleaning products alone, with brands competing for traction in a competitive marketplace. But many—if not most—of those brands made huge sacrifices in quality and conscience for the allure of a low price.

Yvette Zona, an Executive Director VII from Minnesota, knows this firsthand. When she attended a Delivering Wellness presentation and enrolled with Melaleuca in 1998, she was more determined than ever to rid her home of harmful chemicals.

“Not long after we enrolled, I went through my shelves and cupboards and pulled out every cleaner and soap I could find that wasn’t Melaleuca and placed it in a cardboard box,” Yvette says. “I walked out to the street and set that box on the curb, right next to the trash can. I was so glad to be rid of all those cleaners.”

With her home free of caustic chemicals, Yvette got back to building her business. But when she went out the next morning to bring in the trash, she saw something that surprised her.

“There was my cardboard box, still full of cleaners and soaps, sitting on the curb,” Yvette remembers. “And the trash collector had left a note on the box that said, ‘Toxic waste, will not pick up.’ That’s when it really hit home to me; those chemicals were so harmful, the trash truck wouldn’t even take them!”

With that, Yvette took her box of old cleaners to a proper waste collection site, where she could finally be finished with them. And that’s when she started sharing her Melaleuca story with everyone she met.

Melaleuca Marketing Executive

Yvette Zona

Before much longer, two of Yvette’s enrollees had  experiences with EcoSense that further solidified her belief in the products.

“Within weeks of each other, both of these mothers—one in Minnesota, the other in Massachusetts—had toddlers get into the dishwashing detergent under their sink,” Yvette says. “I was horrified. Then, I realized they hadn’t gotten into one of the leading brands; they’d gotten into Diamond Brite®. They were completely fine.”

With stories like these Yvette helped potential customers connect the dots for their own families.

“These two mothers called and thanked me for sharing Melaleuca with them,” Yvette says. “I can only imagine what could’ve happened if their toddlers had ingested store-bought products. Children are seriously injured every year because they swallow harsh chemicals that people leave around the house.”

Our Goal

At Melaleuca, our goal is to provide highly effective products with minimal environmental impact using the best of science and nature. Whenever possible we look for safer, natural formulas that are as effective or better than harsh, harmful chemicals. Our formulation methods give our products a competitive edge and give you peace of mind.

Becoming a Melaleuca customer and purchasing Melaleuca products like EcoSense are the easiest and best decisions you can make to help protect the environment inside and outside your home. EcoSense provides you and your environment with benefits beyond a clean tub, fresh clothes and sparkling dishes.

Your Home

You and your family deserve to live in a clean home free from the dangers of the caustic chemicals that can be found in typical cleaning products. You can trust that EcoSense products will never contain chlorine bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals that create hazards to your family and pollute indoor air quality.

We’ve also pledged to develop formulas that aren’t required to have childproof safety caps. Instead of harsh chemicals, EcoSense products use powerful natural ingredients such as Melaleuca Oil, thyme oil and citric acid. Our formulas use natural enzymes to lift tough stains and baked-on food so your clothes and dishes come out clean without the harshness of chemicals.

EcoSense uses essential oils such as cedarwood, chamomile, tangerine, clove, and of course Melaleuca Oil to fragrance our laundry products. In addition, we’ve developed our laundry products to have a low pH (non-alkaline) so they are gentler on your clothes and your skin.

Changing Your World with Melaleuca

The sad truth is that everything that goes down the drain eventually ends up in our water. So it’s important that we don’t send harmful chemicals into streams, lakes and rivers. That’s why EcoSense has developed products without chlorine bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals.

From the beginning, Melaleuca has made environmental wellness an important part of its business. From eco-conscious business processes to the eco-friendly products we sell, you can rest assured that we care about the home you live in as well as the planet we all live on.

Concentrated products use less plastic, water and fuel to ship, and save you money. Our concentration technologies are so groundbreaking, some of them are patented.

Did you know that 90 percent of the energy used during the wash cycle is for heating the water? Our MelaPower® 6x laundry detergent has even been formulated to be effective in cold water. That’s a huge savings in energy.

Whenever possible we look for safer, natural formulas that are biodegradable and plant-derived. Even Tough & Tender® cleaning wipes use a biodegradable material, a rarity in the marketplace. And those are just a few of the ways Melaleuca’s EcoSense products give you a clean beyond laundry, dishes, floors and tubs. They give you a clean conscience.