Experience PURE™ Essential Oils with All-New Specialty Bottles

Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils Specialty Roller Bottles

New PURE Roll-On Bottles and Mini Bottles make it easier to take PURE Essential Oils and blends with you—and even create your own aromatherapy blends.

These refillable bottles are made of amber glass to protect oils from UV degradation. Small sizes are perfectly portable for convenient travel or sharing. They’re the perfect accessories for your favorite PURE Essential Oils.

Roll-On Bottles

  • Conveniently and easily apply diluted essential oils and blends directly to the skin
  • Provides even application of your favorite oils
  • Great for single oils or creating your own custom blend
  • Sold in packs of six
  • Each PURE Roll-On Bottle holds 0.34 fl. oz. (10 mL)

Mini Bottles

  • Convenient portability for travel
  • Easy sharing; a great way to introduce your family and friends to different oils
  • Orifice reducer controls flow and helps prevent spills
  • Sold in packs of 12
  • Each PURE Mini-Bottle holds up to 5/8 dram

To purchase PURE Roll-On Bottles and Mini Bottles, log in as a Melaleuca Preferred Customer. For more information about all of our PURE Essential Oils and other products, please visit Melaleuca.com.

Melaleuca Introduces New Alloy® Sport

Melaleuca Alloy Sport Group

More and more often, men are looking for personal care products that do more than just the basics. They want premium benefits in fewer steps, and they want brands and products that help them define their style. With new additions to the Alloy brand, we’re giving men more reasons than ever to make the switch to Melaleuca.

Men want products that keep up with them
Men today are looking for products that give them the complete, fresh, clean experience they want without adding more time to their routines.

In response, men’s care brands are developing products that do more with every application. More convenience, less fuss—a man on the go is willing to switch brands to have those essentials.

But that’s not all men are looking for. Whatever their image—from active to sophisticated, serious to playful—men are buying brands that reinforce their style.

Alloy Sport goes the distance
That’s why Melaleuca is introducing Alloy Sport. It’s our new men’s personal care lineup targeted to the active man who wants the most from his personal care routine.

Alloy Sport is the signature of a man who goes the distance, a man who’s looking for a scent that can keep up with him. It’s a fresh, uncommonly exhilarating blend of bright citrus, bold greens, and sensuous cedarwood made to set off his sense of confidence at any point in his day—getting ready, going full speed, or gearing down.

Meet the new Alloy Sport all-stars:

  • One step pays dividends. And with new Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner,* you’ll shorten your shower time, but step up how your hair looks and feels. Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner is designed to clean and condition hair in just one wash. You’ll step out with hair that’s soft, smelling great, and ready to style.Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner contains a natural cleanser that eliminates dirt and oils, plus a moisturizer that makes hair more manageable, all in just one application. Without changing your shower routine, you’ll get started feeling fresh and clean, with hair you’ll find easy to style all day long.
  • Enriched with vitamins and natural jojoba oil, new Alloy Sport Body Wash fights odor while washing away dirt and oils. With Alloy Sport Body Wash, you can energize your body each day as you moisturize and tone your skin.
  • New Alloy Sport Deodorant controls odors at the source. Experience long-lasting odor protection that goes on smooth without any white residue.
  • Step into action and gear up for a new day with new Alloy Sport Body Spray. It will leave you smelling great and feeling fresh all day long, so you’ll be ready to face any challenge with confidence and energy. Alloy Sport Body Spray gives you the bold, long-lasting scent you need to always step out with strength and confidence.

For any man looking to define his style, feel great, and move with confidence all day long, Melaleuca is proud to offer Alloy Sport.

*For those who prefer a true original, new 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner is also available in Alloy Classic. Buy it separately or as part of the Alloy Classic Strength & Style Set, which also includes Alloy Body Wash, Deodorant or Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Shave Gel, and After Shave.

PURE™ Essential Oils Have Saved Melaleuca Customers $11.8 Million

PURE EO money saved headerimg

When PURE™ Essential Oils were introduced at Melaleuca Convention 2015, our customers were introduced to uncompromising quality, tested and documented purity, and aromatic excellence.

They were also introduced to incredible savings.

PURE Essential Oils cost an average of 50% less than what other oils cost. As a result, in the eight months since their introduction, Melaleuca PURE essential oils have saved customers $11.8 million!

Saving customers money on high-quality products is nothing new at Melaleuca. We’ve placed a premium on value for over 30 years. You see, we opened our doors with a promise to deliver exceptional products at reasonable prices. Our focus has always been on enhancing wellness and helping our customers achieve their goals.

Value starts with quality, and Melaleuca has always developed products based on solutions from nature. From the very beginning, essential oils have been foundational to our products. Today, essential oils—and all of their benefits—can be found in more than 50 different Melaleuca products.

Even our company’s namesake is the essential oil of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. We set the standard of quality for Melaleuca essential oil, and that same stringent standard exists in our entire line of essential oils—each one of them 100% pure.

PURE Essential Oils are extracted directly from the botanical plant source and harvested through ethical, sustainable practices. From sweet, floral lavender to minty, fresh peppermint—and every oil in between—each one is traceable to its source. And with PURE, you can enjoy your favorite oils knowing they contain no impurities or synthetics.

Value also means you get a great product at a great price. At Melaleuca, you can buy the absolute highest quality essential oils at an unbeatable price. Don’t be fooled by the high prices other companies charge for their oils. An overpriced oil isn’t a higher-quality oil, it’s simply overpriced.

PURE Essential Oils
not only set the standard of excellence for essential oils, they’re also setting the standard for value. After all, we’ve saved our customers $11.8 million—and we’re just getting started!

Melaleuca Introduces New Safe & Mighty™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Safe & Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner from Melaleuca

The toilet is a dirty place. No one wants to leave evidence of their daily dealings behind for friends, neighbors, or mothers-in-law to discover on their next visit. And until now, when it came to cleaning your toilet bowl, you had one of two not-so-appealing options to choose from:

  • you could buy a product that cleaned your toilet bowl, but contained harmful chlorine bleach and toxic chemicals; or
  • you could buy a product that was safer for your family and the environment, but live with a dirty bowl.

That was it: a clean bowl or a safe bowl. Well, who says you can’t have both?

Now you can get a sparkling bowl without flushing the environment down the toilet. All-new Safe & Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner—the latest addition to Melaleuca’s amazing EcoSense® family of environmentally and economically sensible cleaners—is an effective and environmentally responsible way to keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh.

One look at Safe & Mighty, and it’s clear you’ll never need another toilet bowl cleaner again:

  • No chlorine bleach, toxic chemicals, or harsh fumes
  • Made with natural thyme oil and organic cleaners (like citric acid)
  • Concentrated, easy-cling formula
  • Amazing fresh fragrance
  • No childproof cap required
  • Tilt-neck bottle delivers gel right where you need it

Safe & Mighty delivers unmatched cleaning power with organic cleaners that keep your bathroom smelling as clean as it looks. In lab tests, Safe & Mighty outperformed the competition at removing stubborn grime and buildup. In fact, it was more effective at removing hard water stains than Lysol®, Clorox®, and Seventh Generation products.

Safe & Mighty is not only effective, it’s better for your environment as well. It’s the clean you demand with the safety you’ve come to expect from EcoSense.

Safer for your home
Just look at the sobering statistics. It’s estimated that 61% of toilet bowl cleaners contain chlorine bleach. An additional 26% of adults use chlorine bleach directly in their toilet bowls. That means nearly nine out of 10 toilet bowls are being cleaned with a known poison.

Did you know that exposure to chlorine bleach is the leading cause of all household cleaner-related injuries to young children? The most common types of injury from bleach are poisoning (68%), chemical burns (15.9%) and skin/eye irritation (10.4%).1

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, bleach is responsible for more than 46,000 reported poisonings per year.2 To put that in perspective, three times more people are treated for bleach exposure than those who receive treatment for poisonous snake bites (including copperhead, coral, cottonmouth and rattlesnake bites) and spider bites (including black widow, brown recluse, and all other necrotizing spider bites).2

Recent medical studies have also revealed another disturbing trend. Many household cleaners lead to a higher occurrence of asthma.3 Chlorine bleach specifically aggravates the membranes in the lower respiratory system, causing shortness of breath and wheezing.

So the next time you decide to clean with chlorine bleach, it might be a good idea to use a respirator in addition to the goggles, rubber gloves, and protective clothing most chlorine bleach products recommend you use. Or you could just reach for Safe & Mighty. Its safe and effective ingredients don’t even require a safety cap.

Easier on the environment
When you clean with chlorine bleach, you aren’t just putting your home at risk; you’re also releasing harmful chemicals into the waterways. High amounts of chlorine bleach in our waterways can result in dangerous toxins that linger in the water or soil and take many years to disappear. This is one reason the EPA doesn’t recommend any cleaners containing harsh chemicals be put down the drain.

Because Safe & Mighty uses organic cleaners and thyme oil, it’s safer for your home and the planet, having roughly the same environmental impact as a bowl of lemons.
What’s more, the concentrated formula saves plastic and gives customers like you a better value.

With Safe & Mighty, you can have it all!

1. Household Cleaning Product-Related Injuries, Pediatrics, September 2010
2. 2013 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Center
3. American Lung Association

Melaleuca Announces 3 New PURE™ Essential Oils and Specialty Bottles

Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils Specialty Bottles

Melaleuca customers have been excited about PURE Essential Oils since the line was unveiled at Melaleuca Convention 2015. And now Melaleuca is proud to introduce three new PURE Essential Oils:

PURE Lime oil is extracted from 100% lime peel. Lime essential oil is stimulating and invigorating, with bright, green, citrus aromatic notes. Maintaining the characteristic fragrance and properties of the quality lime peels it is extracted from, PURE Lime 100% Essential Oil is ideal for therapeutic application or diffusing.

PURE Sharpen Focus Blend is an enlightening, centering blend with bright, citrus, camphor-like aromatic notes. It contains a harmonious mix of 10 oils including Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Basil, Frankincense, and Clary Sage.

PURE Lighten Stress Blend is a strengthening, calming blend with refreshing, vibrant, sweet citrus aromatic notes. It contains a harmonious mix of 17 oils including Tangerine, Bergamot, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile.

As with all our custom blends, these two new blends take the guesswork out of mixing essential oils and give you the ideal balance of properties and fragrances for mood-boosting and therapeutic benefits.


The PURE brand stands for uncompromising quality. Much more than just a brand name, PURE defines the quality of our essential oils and tells you exactly what you can expect.

All PURE Essential Oils are:

  • 100% pure oil extracted directly from the botanical plant source
  • Certified not to contain any synthetics or impurities
  • Tested to meet stringent quality specifications every time
  • Traceable to their source
  • Harvested using sustainable and ethical practices
  • Covered under Melaleuca’s quality guarantee


Introducing New PURE Specialty Bottles
Using and sharing PURE Essential Oils just got easier with our new specialty bottles.

Do you have a custom oil blend you love to apply? Or do you have a diluted oil you want to keep ready? New PURE Roll-On Bottles are the perfect solution! They’re spill-proof, mess-proof, and allow you to apply the ideal amount directly to your skin. Just roll on and massage in.

And sharing PURE Essential Oils is now simpler than ever with New PURE Mini Bottles. Whether you want to share a sample of oil with a friend or pack a smaller bottle for travel, these 5⁄8 dram bottles make it easier than ever to take your favorite oils or blends on the go.

Please visit Melaleuca.com/EssentialOils for more information about PURE Essential Oils.

Benefits for Every Bit of the Body


Peak Performance Total Health is the most comprehensive nutrition pack we’ve ever created. From head to toe, it offers profound benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

Designed for those who want to take control of their own well being, Peak Performance Total Health builds on the research-backed formulas in the Peak Performance Pack and adds specialized supplements that specifically target your cardiovascular system, brain and memory, vision, and bone and joint health. It’s unrivaled, full-body nutritional support for those who expect the very best from themselves and the supplements they take.

Vitality Multivitamin & Mineral™
The essential vitamins and minerals you need every day in amounts that optimize health and are powered by Oligo® for superior absorption and minimal free radical generation.*

A broad-spectrum antioxidant that helps safeguard against free radical damage throughout the body while helping to fight the effects of aging at a cellular level.*

CardiOmega EPA™
1,000 mg of EPA omega-3s provide powerful support for cardiovascular health while promoting a normal response to activity-induced inflammation and speeding recovery after intense activity.*

Powerful, natural polyphenolic compounds and antioxidants increase the release of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, increases oxygen flow, and improves the efficiency of your heart and cardiovascular system.*

Acid-resistant capsule technology delivers 10 billion colonies of flora from seven diverse strains to help build and maintain a healthy digestive system while boosting the absorption of nutrients and helping support immunity.*

Recover AI™
A proprietary blend of natural ingredients promotes normal inflammatory response to offer soothing relief and natural support for healthy joint and muscle function.*

Acuity AZ™
Naturally supports memory, concentration, mental acuity, and proper nerve function to safeguard against age-related memory loss and keep your mind sharp and healthy, even as you age.*

Vitality Coldwater Omega-3®
A major structural component of the brain, DHA helps naturally support brain and eye function. Vitality Coldwater Omega-3 contains 650 mg of DHA plus 270 mg of EPA to offer full-body omega-3 benefits.*

A powerful antioxidant blend promotes macular, retina, and lens health to help maintain visual acuity while supporting night vision and vision in high-glare conditions.*

Providing premium fuel for proper organ function, CoQ10+ promotes optimal cardiovascular health while helping with energy and endurance and supporting healthy immune function.*

Vitamins K2-D3
An essential combination that helps you absorb calcium and then redirect the calcium out of your blood and into your bone tissue to support bone health and promote healthy bone formation.*

Replenex® Extra Strength
A proprietary blend of natural ingredients that helps cushion joints, support joint flexibility, enhance cartilage production, and offer soothing comfort after exertion.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.