Feeding the Hungry

Boy Scout Food Drive

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot looks over stacks of donations raised during this year’s Scouting for Food drive and takes a photo with a young Boy Scout volunteer and two leaders from the BSA’s Grand Teton Council. Did you know that Melaleuca: The Wellness Company has helped to raise 2,350 tons of food and served hundreds…

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Ice Bucket Challenge Dumps Millions into ALS Fight

Frank Vandersloot ALS Challenge

Thanks to the power of social media, a freezing-cold fundraiser and awareness campaign is now completely on fire. The Ice Bucket Challenge encourages people to dump ice water on their heads and donate money to spread the awareness and aid in the research of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease more commonly known…

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The Strength of Our Business Model

delivery man giving melaleuca box to a women

As I review the many statistics that come across my desk each month, I am continually impressed by the diligence and hard work of those who are building a Melaleuca business. I am also impressed by how many lives are being enhanced by the concept of “helping people reach their goals.” But I am impressed…

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Once You “Get It” You’ll Focus More On The Products

"Melaleuca's exceptional growth is because of our products"

A MESSAGE FROM CEO FRANK VANDERSLOOT Melaleuca is becoming known around the globe as the world leader in wellness products. A combination of the company’s focus, bright scientists and good fortune has thrust Melaleuca into the spotlight as the company has introduced one lifechanging product after another. There are almost too many products to keep…

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A Message From Frank VanderSloot Chief Executive Officer

Over the years, I have talked to many who say they are surprised at Melaleuca’s unprecedented rise in the marketplace. They often ask what the secret is to our success. The answer is simply that we have much better products than the grocery store brands. People want to live healthier, longer, and more vibrant lives.…

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Melaleuca Is Breaking The Mold

CHANGING LIVES WITH CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING® In 1985, a modest company set up shop with nine employees and eight exceptional products. And although the company’s opening in a tiny strip mall in southeast Idaho was accompanied by little fanfare, Melaleuca Inc. was about to innovate a concept that would revolutionize the way hundreds of thousands…

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