Introducing All New Sun Valley® Collection

Welcome to the brilliant colors and bold fragrances of all-new Sun Valley®

Light Up Your Senses

Welcome to the brilliant colors and bold fragrances of all-new Sun Valley®—Melaleuca’s complete new body care collection.

Fill your day with fragrance.

Sun Valley® is a daring new collection of body washes, body lotions, body mists, and liquid hand soaps, each full of fragrance bright enough to make your day shine and your evening shimmer.

Light up your senses with exclusive fragrances like Caribbean Coast, Weekend Chic, Pear Raspberry, Moonlit Lily, Blackberry Kiss, and many more. With Sun Valley, you’ll always have the perfect fragrance to energize your day and accentuate your style.

Everything you want. Nothing you don’t.

Inside Sun Valley, there’s plenty for your skin to love. Moisturizing shea butter, soothing aloe, and skin-beneficial vitamin E—those are just a few of the ingredients that help keep your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated when you use Sun Valley.

Sun Valley doesn’t use cheap parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde—unlike its competitors. That means there’s more room inside for the energetic, spirited fragrances you want to turn up the energy any time of day or night.

Choose from fragrances like:

  • Grapefruit Splash — grapefruit slices, berries, and light greens meet in a tangy, citrus-sunshine sparkle.
  • Caribbean Coast — lush tropical blooms float on coconut breezes over hints of creamy sandalwood.
  • Weekend Chic — wild daisies, tangy tangelos, and sweet passion fruit dance over sleek musk.
  • Pear Raspberry — ripe Anjou pear mixes sweetly with plump, juicy raspberries and a whisper of musk

Bold, playful, fun, exotic, fresh, and flirtatious. You’re going to love where Sun Valley takes you.

Nothing Beats Melaleuca Products…or Melaleuca Customers

480 Really Good Reasons why Melaleuca is Growing

Melaleuca continues to experience massive growth. 2016 is shaping up to be another record-breaking year. We’re absolutely thrilled that customers around the world are discovering Melaleuca at a meteoric rate.

Melaleuca is no stranger to explosive growth. We opened our doors in 1985 with just eight wellness products (and only seven employees!), but our status as a tiny startup in rural Idaho was short-lived.

Beginning in 1990, Melaleuca made Inc. 500’s list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.—for five consecutive years. Today, we do business in 18 countries around the world, and we’re now experiencing the fastest growth in our 30-year history.

So why is The Wellness Company doing so well?

There could be a thousand reasons, but two major factors clearly stand out: Simply put, Melaleuca has the best products in the world and the best customers.

Superior Products

Want a good reason why Melaleuca is growing so rapidly? We’ll give you at least 480 of them.

Two of Melaleuca’s founding axioms are “to provide exceptional products at reasonable prices” and “to enhance the lives of those we touch, by helping people reach their goals.” As we developed each of our 480+ products, we did so with the mission of enhancing lives in mind. Our products are effective and affordable. If a product doesn’t enhance lives, we don’t make it, and we don’t sell it.

Product innovation is a hallmark of Melaleuca. We place a huge premium on research and development. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the very best products—products that bring together the best of science and nature.

Our numerous patents, the development of Oligofructose Complex®, and the profound results of the Freiburg Study are just a few examples of our unwavering commitment to scientific research. We invest in research because we want our customers to have an incomparable experience with our products.

When you take the Peak Performance Pack, brew a fresh cup of Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee, clean your toilet with non-toxic Safe & Mighty™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner, fill your home with the aroma of PURE™ Essential Oils, or experience any one of our 480+ products, we want—and fully expect—those products to enhance your life.

Smart, Loyal Customers
We truly believe Melaleuca customers are smarter and better educated than the average grocery store customer. Our customers pay attention to labels and ingredients. They’re concerned about the health and well being of their families, and they’re careful about what they bring into their homes. They shop with us because they know Melaleuca products will enhance their lives.

If there’s one refrain we hear time and again when customers talk about Melaleuca, it’s this: “I love the products!” Our customer loyalty is second to none.

In fact, we have an average 96% month-to-month reorder rate. We hang our hats on that number because it shows our customers not only love Melaleuca products, but they want to keep using the products month after month and year after year.

As a word-of-mouth business, we rely completely on our customers recommending Melaleuca products to people they know. It’s because of the incredible product experiences our customers have shared with their friends and family that Melaleuca has grown into a worldwide powerhouse.

Whether you’ve been a Melaleuca customer for 30 years or 30 days, thank you for shopping with us. And if you’ve ever shared Melaleuca with someone you know, thank you for referring them. Our success as a company is because of you!


What do you think is fueling Melaleuca’s massive growth? Is it Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee? Or the Peak Performance Pack? Maybe it’s PURE Essential Oils. Or it could be Renew. … Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

A Big Thank-You to Melaleuca Moms

Melaleuca moms

There are billions of us in the world—each one unique. Yet despite our differences, there’s something we all share in common.

We all have a mother.

Moms give us life, love, and laughter. When we’re sad, Mom is there to wipe away our tears. When we’re worried, she assures us that everything will be all right. And when we triumph, she is by far our biggest cheerleader.

From day one, Mom does it all—the big and the small, the enjoyable and the unpleasant. She gives you sustenance. She bandages your wounds. She cleans up your messes. She discovers and cultivates your talents. She shapes your very world.

A mom is the consummate teacher, nurse, personal assistant, friend, and moral guide. Think about the values you try to uphold: honesty, faith, patience, generosity, forgiveness, hard work. Chances are, you learned them from your mother’s example.

The truth is, you wouldn’t be the person you are—you wouldn’t be a person at all—without your mom.

And Melaleuca wouldn’t be what it is today without moms either. That’s because moms are the backbone of Melaleuca. They’re ordering Melaleuca’s safer, more effective products for their families. They’re sharing Melaleuca with their friends and neighbors.

Darrin Johnson, Melaleuca’s Senior Vice President of Sales, sums it up best. “Thousands of women come to Melaleuca every year,” Darrin says, “and they bring with them some of the deepest, most visceral reasons for being here: to make their homes safer for their children, to give their families better nutrition, to secure their finances, to reduce life stress so they can be better parents.”

In short, Melaleuca’s mission of enhancing lives is the mission of moms.

And here’s what truly sets moms apart from the rest: They’re not in it for the rewards. Their motivation—simply, selflessly, and beautifully—is to improve the lives of their children.

While our moms don’t ask to be pampered, they certainly deserve it. They’ve given us so much that the least we can do is indulge them with a decadent gift now and then.

Available for a limited time while supplies last, the Foot Care Combo Pack is a complete home spa experience for Mom’s feet and more. With sublimely aromatic Bath Bombs and a stylish designer accessory bag, it’s the perfect way to say thank you like only you and Melaleuca can.

Moms are champions who don’t get half the acclaim they deserve. So take a moment today to show appreciation to your mother. Whether it’s the indulgent Foot Care Combo Pack, another luxurious Melaleuca gift, a phone call, or a hug, it really doesn’t matter.

Just do something to show your love for the woman who’s given you everything.


Melaleuca customers: Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Order your Foot Care Combo Pack today by clicking here. And don’t forget to check out more limited-time Mother’s Day gifts from Melaleuca here.

To learn more about Melaleuca, click here.

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Melaleuca Introduces New Alloy® Sport

Melaleuca Alloy Sport Group

More and more often, men are looking for personal care products that do more than just the basics. They want premium benefits in fewer steps, and they want brands and products that help them define their style. With new additions to the Alloy brand, we’re giving men more reasons than ever to make the switch to Melaleuca.

Men want products that keep up with them
Men today are looking for products that give them the complete, fresh, clean experience they want without adding more time to their routines.

In response, men’s care brands are developing products that do more with every application. More convenience, less fuss—a man on the go is willing to switch brands to have those essentials.

But that’s not all men are looking for. Whatever their image—from active to sophisticated, serious to playful—men are buying brands that reinforce their style.

Alloy Sport goes the distance
That’s why Melaleuca is introducing Alloy Sport. It’s our new men’s personal care lineup targeted to the active man who wants the most from his personal care routine.

Alloy Sport is the signature of a man who goes the distance, a man who’s looking for a scent that can keep up with him. It’s a fresh, uncommonly exhilarating blend of bright citrus, bold greens, and sensuous cedarwood made to set off his sense of confidence at any point in his day—getting ready, going full speed, or gearing down.

Meet the new Alloy Sport all-stars:

  • One step pays dividends. And with new Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner,* you’ll shorten your shower time, but step up how your hair looks and feels. Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner is designed to clean and condition hair in just one wash. You’ll step out with hair that’s soft, smelling great, and ready to style.Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner contains a natural cleanser that eliminates dirt and oils, plus a moisturizer that makes hair more manageable, all in just one application. Without changing your shower routine, you’ll get started feeling fresh and clean, with hair you’ll find easy to style all day long.
  • Enriched with vitamins and natural jojoba oil, new Alloy Sport Body Wash fights odor while washing away dirt and oils. With Alloy Sport Body Wash, you can energize your body each day as you moisturize and tone your skin.
  • New Alloy Sport Deodorant controls odors at the source. Experience long-lasting odor protection that goes on smooth without any white residue.
  • Step into action and gear up for a new day with new Alloy Sport Body Spray. It will leave you smelling great and feeling fresh all day long, so you’ll be ready to face any challenge with confidence and energy. Alloy Sport Body Spray gives you the bold, long-lasting scent you need to always step out with strength and confidence.

For any man looking to define his style, feel great, and move with confidence all day long, Melaleuca is proud to offer Alloy Sport.

*For those who prefer a true original, new 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner is also available in Alloy Classic. Buy it separately or as part of the Alloy Classic Strength & Style Set, which also includes Alloy Body Wash, Deodorant or Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Shave Gel, and After Shave.

Sharing the Power of Melaleuca Renew

power-of-renewHow a chance encounter equaled big relief for the Robinson family

Nicole lay in bed listening to the sounds of her son tossing and turning in the other room. She heard him scratching, scratching—always scratching. In the morning he would wake cranky and exhausted with several new scabs as evidence of his nails worrying away at his dry, irritated skin through the night.

Despite going to every specialist she could find, Nicole was still lying there in the middle of the night listening to her 3-year-old suffer with severely dry skin. What started off as dry patches behind her baby’s knees and arms, had steadily progressed until it covered her toddler’s entire body and made it impossible for him to ever feel comfortable— even at night.

“We tried all the different creams,” Nicole says. “They would clear it up for a little bit, but it would always return.” Then one day Nicole took her son to an indoor playground, and the woman sitting next to her noticed her son’s skin problems.

“She asked me what I was using on him, and I said, ‘Everything! I’ve tried everything, and I don’t know what to do anymore,” Nicole recalls.

What Nicole didn’t know was that the woman sitting next to her, Senior Director Danie Branch, knew all about the troubles of severely dry skin. Danie’s husband had once suffered from terribly dry skin and it was a chance encounter just like this that led Danie to discover the lasting relief of Renew Intensive Skin Therapy. So when Danie pulled a travel-size bottle of Renew out of her pocket and handed it to Nicole with her business card, it was really her way of paying it forward.

“She told me to take the lotion and try it for a few days,” Nicole recalls. “If I liked it, then I could give her a call.”

Impressed by Danie’s kindness, Nicole ended up watching a Delivering Wellness presentation that day. The natural ingredients and quality products sold themselves, and Nicole enrolled and ordered a large bottle of Renew.

The results were astounding.

After three years of trying everything and anything she could, all with little success, Nicole’s son now had clear skin after just four days.*

“Honestly, starting Renew really saved my life,” Nicole says. “My son wasn’t sleeping; he was up all night. Now he sleeps; he doesn’t dig himself raw anymore. There’s a big difference in my house.”

Nicole had been taking photos to document for her dermatologist just how bad her son’s skin had become. Less than a week after starting Renew, Nicole got to take one of the happiest pictures of her young sons’ life: him with clear, healthy skin.

And Nicole isn’t the only one who’s grateful. Her son is also a big fan of Renew.

“He’s always like, ‘Mommy, I just want my Melaleuca cream,’” Nicole says. “We tried other creams, but they would burn his skin. Renew doesn’t, and it really works for him.”

The Robinson house is a happier place these days, all thanks to a stranger who paid it forward and shared the power of Renew.


8 Steps to Smooth, Supple Skin All Winter Long

If you are a dry skin sufferer, you may be uncomfortable even letting others see your skin, let alone touch it. Renew® Lotion can help restore your confidence. Smoother, softer skin doesn’t just feel healthier. It looks healthier.


1 Nix Hot Showers

Standing under steaming water for 30 minutes can be your own slice of heaven. But they itchy irritation that follows is far from celestial. That’s because long exposure to hot water can actually break down the lipid barriers in the skin and lead to moisture loss. To prevent this, scale back your shower time and shoot for 10 minutes, once a day, with warm—not hot—water. If you really need to warm up your core body temperature, try a bath with a capful of Renew Bath Oil instead. Your skin will thank you.

2 Layer Moisture

To get lasting hydration and protection from the elements, layer your moisture just like you do your clothes. Start with Renew Bath Oil or Body wash in the shower, then layer on Renew Lotion right after you shower. Applying Renew Lotion to lightly damp skin helps your body capture some of the water still on skin and use it to hydrate.

3 Stow Lotion Sinkside

Hand soap can be very drying, especially the cheap stuff in public restrooms. Keep a bottle of Renew Lotion in your purse and by your bathroom sink to remind you to moisturize after every hand washing. For extra dry skin, try switching to Renew Hand Soap.

4 Grab Gloves

Don’t wait until your fingers are in danger of frostbite before donning a pair of gloves. The skin on your hands has fewer oil glands, which means it dries out faster in cold, dry weather. Gloves provide an extra barrier of protection from the elements. Before you put them on, add a quick layer of Renew Lotion so you can hydrate your hands on the trip to work.

5 Show Lips Some Love

The skin on your lips is very thin and it’s constantly exposed to the elements. As a result, your lips can lose up to 10 times more moisture when compared to the rest of your body. Using a Sun Shades® Lip Balm with SPF 15 protection and moisturizers like jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax will leave your lips feeling soft and smooth both outdoors and in.

6 Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen

No matter how low the temperature drops, UV rays don’t take a holiday. Keep your skin protected, especially when hitting the slopes—those long hours in the sun can be amplified by glare from the snow. Apply one of the Sun Shades sunscreens 30 minutes before you go outside to enjoy broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays.

7 Hook up a Humidifier

Humidifiers put moisture back into the air and help prevent your hair and skin from drying out. This is especially important if your home uses forced air. That constant stream of dry, hot air wreaks havoc on your skin.

8 Keep Feet Comfy

If you’re not careful, winter can lead to some gnarly-looking heels and calluses. To sidestep a horror show come next spring, use a pumice stone to exfoliate feet in the shower and be sure to apply a thick layer of Renew Lotion both after you shower and before you go to bed each night. Cover feet with a cotton sock to help the moisture soak into the skin while you sleep. This keeps feet soft and helps prevent painful cracking and peeling.