Introducing All New Sun Valley® Collection

Welcome to the brilliant colors and bold fragrances of all-new Sun Valley®

Light Up Your Senses Welcome to the brilliant colors and bold fragrances of all-new Sun Valley®—Melaleuca’s complete new body care collection. Fill your day with fragrance. Sun Valley® is a daring new collection of body washes, body lotions, body mists, and liquid hand soaps, each full of fragrance bright enough to make your day shine…

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Nothing Beats Melaleuca Products…or Melaleuca Customers

Melaleuca continues to experience massive growth. 2016 is shaping up to be another record-breaking year. We’re absolutely thrilled that customers around the world are discovering Melaleuca at a meteoric rate. Melaleuca is no stranger to explosive growth. We opened our doors in 1985 with just eight wellness products (and only seven employees!), but our status…

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A Big Thank-You to Melaleuca Moms

Melaleuca moms

There are billions of us in the world—each one unique. Yet despite our differences, there’s something we all share in common. We all have a mother. Moms give us life, love, and laughter. When we’re sad, Mom is there to wipe away our tears. When we’re worried, she assures us that everything will be all…

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Melaleuca Introduces New Alloy® Sport

Melaleuca Alloy Sport Group

More and more often, men are looking for personal care products that do more than just the basics. They want premium benefits in fewer steps, and they want brands and products that help them define their style. With new additions to the Alloy brand, we’re giving men more reasons than ever to make the switch…

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Sharing the Power of Melaleuca Renew

How a chance encounter equaled big relief for the Robinson family Nicole lay in bed listening to the sounds of her son tossing and turning in the other room. She heard him scratching, scratching—always scratching. In the morning he would wake cranky and exhausted with several new scabs as evidence of his nails worrying away…

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8 Steps to Smooth, Supple Skin All Winter Long

Melaleuca Product Renew line

If you are a dry skin sufferer, you may be uncomfortable even letting others see your skin, let alone touch it. Renew® Lotion can help restore your confidence. Smoother, softer skin doesn’t just feel healthier. It looks healthier. 1 Nix Hot Showers Standing under steaming water for 30 minutes can be your own slice of…

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