A Big Thank-You to Melaleuca Moms

Melaleuca moms

There are billions of us in the world—each one unique. Yet despite our differences, there’s something we all share in common.

We all have a mother.

Moms give us life, love, and laughter. When we’re sad, Mom is there to wipe away our tears. When we’re worried, she assures us that everything will be all right. And when we triumph, she is by far our biggest cheerleader.

From day one, Mom does it all—the big and the small, the enjoyable and the unpleasant. She gives you sustenance. She bandages your wounds. She cleans up your messes. She discovers and cultivates your talents. She shapes your very world.

A mom is the consummate teacher, nurse, personal assistant, friend, and moral guide. Think about the values you try to uphold: honesty, faith, patience, generosity, forgiveness, hard work. Chances are, you learned them from your mother’s example.

The truth is, you wouldn’t be the person you are—you wouldn’t be a person at all—without your mom.

And Melaleuca wouldn’t be what it is today without moms either. That’s because moms are the backbone of Melaleuca. They’re ordering Melaleuca’s safer, more effective products for their families. They’re sharing Melaleuca with their friends and neighbors.

Darrin Johnson, Melaleuca’s Senior Vice President of Sales, sums it up best. “Thousands of women come to Melaleuca every year,” Darrin says, “and they bring with them some of the deepest, most visceral reasons for being here: to make their homes safer for their children, to give their families better nutrition, to secure their finances, to reduce life stress so they can be better parents.”

In short, Melaleuca’s mission of enhancing lives is the mission of moms.

And here’s what truly sets moms apart from the rest: They’re not in it for the rewards. Their motivation—simply, selflessly, and beautifully—is to improve the lives of their children.

While our moms don’t ask to be pampered, they certainly deserve it. They’ve given us so much that the least we can do is indulge them with a decadent gift now and then.

Available for a limited time while supplies last, the Foot Care Combo Pack is a complete home spa experience for Mom’s feet and more. With sublimely aromatic Bath Bombs and a stylish designer accessory bag, it’s the perfect way to say thank you like only you and Melaleuca can.

Moms are champions who don’t get half the acclaim they deserve. So take a moment today to show appreciation to your mother. Whether it’s the indulgent Foot Care Combo Pack, another luxurious Melaleuca gift, a phone call, or a hug, it really doesn’t matter.

Just do something to show your love for the woman who’s given you everything.


Melaleuca customers: Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Order your Foot Care Combo Pack today by clicking here. And don’t forget to check out more limited-time Mother’s Day gifts from Melaleuca here.

To learn more about Melaleuca, click here.

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  1. Stephanie Grams on April 10, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Fantastic products! My family and I couldn’t be happier. We were introduced to Melaleuca.com by a friends’ relative who knew I was struggling to find real non-toxic cleaners due to my daughters asthma. I was so tired of finding “green washed” products or extremely costly ones made in China. Thank you Melaleuca for making us healthy!