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Melaleuca marketing executives

As I travel across North America, I can’t help noticing the diversity of the thousands upon thousands of customers and Marketing Executives that Melaleuca has attracted. Everywhere I go, I meet customers from all backgrounds, ethnicities, countries, cultures and religions. As unique and individual as we all are—as different as we are—there are two things we each share: We’re all passionate about wellness, and we all care about enhancing lives. Those two characteristics are the reason we’ve come together to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves: a community we call the “Melaleuca family.”

WHOEVER YOU ARE AND WHATEVER YOUR BACKGROUND, it’s wonderful to have you here as part of this great big Melaleuca family. If you’ve been to some of our events, to Convention, LEAD 2013 or local Leadership Celebration, you probably already know that I’m not exaggerating; it feels very much like a family reunion. There’s a special atmosphere that you find when you bring together a group of people who are so intensely focused on helping other enhance their lives.

You might modestly think that you’re just like everyone else, but you’re not. Melaleuca customers are not your average customers. Unlike many consumers today, you’re aware of how household products can affect your health and wellness. You recognize higher quality and you understand why it’s important for your family. You see Melaleuca products as part of a better, healthier lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.

Of course, lots of people know they should be living healthier, using better products, losing weight, getting fit and feeling better about themselves. On the outside, it seems like everyone shares our values. The difference is that you’re actually choosing to do something about it; you’re on the forefront of a growing movement toward better vitality in the world. You’re living those values instead of just thinking about them, talking about them or feeling guilty about them. And when you align your life with the values that matter to you, you’re a happier, more satisfied person.

Like you, Melaleuca is not typical or average. We’re constantly on the lookout for ways we can give you the tools to enhance your life. Our products aren’t designed solely to boost profit margins; the products you buy from Melaleuca.com are designed to give you real value–to help you lose weight, save money, improve your nutrition, strengthen you body, keep your home clean, and do it all more effectively than you could with grocery store brands.

A Preferred Customer membership also entitles you to discounts through hundreds of online retailers, on Melaleuca Home Security, on insurance and on a half-dozen other services.

But there’s something else that sets Melaleuca apart. When you shop at Melaleuca, a percentage of your purchase is paid as a commission to seven other families. For most of them, that commission is just a simple way to add a few dollars to their family finances each month. For others, it represents a significant source of income that makes a tremendous difference for them.

Perhaps you’ve wondered where your money goes when you shop with Melaleuca. If you’ve been reading Leadership in Action magazine for long, you’ve probably read more than a few stories about Marketing Executives who used that income to make a tremendous difference for their families. Here are just a couple of examples:

Director IV Ruth Koepsell of Wisconsin enrolled with Melaleuca for safer-for-your-home EcoSense® cleaners. But she quickly learned there’s more to Melaleuca than cleaners. She fell in love with products from all across the spectrum of Melaleuca’s product line.

For years, Ruth had contributed to her family’s income by teaching piano lessons for as many as 25 students. But when the recession hit, many of her students saw lessons as an extra expense they could live without. So Ruth decided, instead, to share Melaleuca with a few family members and friends. Her first Melaleuca check was for $44, but it soon became a few hundred dollars a month.

“I can’t tell you what a wonderful blessing Melaleuca has been,” she says. “Whether it’s the products giving our family better health or that check that just always seems to be the right amount to get use through the month, Melaleuca has made a huge difference for our family.”

When her check provided their family with a little wiggle room, Ruth began putting more money toward paying off their mortgage. And at Convention this last year, Ruth was one of 31 Melaleuca customers and Marketing Executives who celebrated being completely out of debt by burning their mortgage papers on stage in front of thousands of people.

Bodnar Family

Executive Director III Stacy Bodnar of Alberta also paid off her home with her Melaleuca income. But that wasn’t all that income helped her to do. Just 18 months after Stacy enrolled with Melaleuca in 1994, her son Kyle was diagnosed with severe autism. Stacy was told Kyle would probably never learn to speak or have a normal life.

Looking for alternatives to help her son, Stacy tracked down an intensive intervention program that showed promise–but it would cost $70,000 a year. Fortunately, Stacy had a steady stream of income from Melaleuca.

“Sometimes people ask me which Melaleuca products have helped with Kyle’s autism,” Stacy says. “While the safer products are good for any home, the real difference has come from the income I’ve generated thorugh my Melaleuca business. We couldn’t have tried all of these therapies and treatments if it weren’t for the income and flexibility that we’ve enjoyed because of my Melaleuca business.”

Kyle’s now grown up. He’s speaking, reading and writing, and this year, he started attending university. He’s doing things his doctors never believed he could.

You might think shopping at Melaleuca is no big deal. After all, it probably felt like a no-brainer for you to purchase better, healthier, safer products and to have your purchases benefit someone you know. But what you do when you shop at Melaleuca can change lives in more ways than you might think. In fact, it’s changing lives all over North America. Now is the time to join the movement. Whose life could you change with Melaleuca?


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