Generations have put their trust in common, well-known national brand cleaners made with dangerous chemicals, including ammonia, chlorine bleach, and quaternary disinfectant compounds. As it turns out, their health is at risk because their trust was betrayed.

The study confirms what Melaleuca has known for decades; toxic chemicals in national brand cleaning products pose dangers to the health of those who clean with them. That is why we are dedicated to creating non-toxic cleaning products! What is so horrible to realize is that the companies selling these toxic cleaning products have been aware of the dangers for decades! But they continue to sell those products anyway.

What could possibly motivate these companies to continue marketing these dangerous products? Money. It’s as simple and as shocking as that. Instead of taking their products off the market, they simply added cautions to the label as if that would make the problem go away. Their customers believed the labels’ implications that the products were safe to use if the warnings and cautions were followed. Now this new study reveals that’s simply not the case. It never has been. Toxins, even when used carefully, have documented unhealthy effects over time.

At Melaleuca, our motivation has always been the health and well-being of our customers. In fact, it’s in our name: The Wellness Company. Our scientists create cleaning products that use plant-derived and biodegradable ingredients such as thyme and citric acid. We do not use—and never will use—toxic chemicals like chlorine bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, phthalates, or others. Our formulas are so safe, they don’t even need childproof caps!

Skip the grocery store with shelves filled with national brands that use dangerous chemicals like chlorine bleach, ammonia, and quaternary disinfectants and others in their formulas. Instead, start shopping at the online Wellness Store at Melaleuca.com where you will find everything you need to keep your home safe and clean with our 100% toxin-free EcoSense cleaning products.

For your own sake and for the sake of your family, go through your home and dispose of all dangerous cleaning products, then go online to Melaleuca.com and replace them with safer, more effective, affordable EcoSense products today. Don’t wait! Lungs—and lives—are at stake.

When the problem is toxic cleaning products, the solution is simple: Switch to EcoSense.

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  1. Artenius Demond Blueford on October 16, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    So I said to myself, “Self, you might as well start using Ecosense products cause ain’t no point cleaning your house only to worsen your body temple? Reverse sacrificial reasoning.