Not a Vitamin Person


“I want my customers to know that I was like them: I didn’t take a supplement and didn’t think they mattered, but once I tried Oligo and understood the science, that’s when I really got it. I know that when others really understand the science, that’s when they’ll never go back.”

Yvette Zona didn’t take vitamins. She didn’t think they mattered. After all, she was in good health and had plenty of energy. Fortunately for Yvette, her presenter convinced her to try the 90-Day Challenge.

“I figured I’d just take the vitamins for 90 days and then get all my money back,” Yvette recalls.

Only something happened—Yvette took the vitamins daily, and she actually felt better.

“I felt totally different!” Yvette says. “I needed less sleep and had more energy. I started reading about nutrition and discovered how difficult it is for anyone to get all the nutrition they need without help. I learned that Oligo had superior absorption, and I’ve been taking Vitality Total ever since.”

Yvette shares her Oligo experience with every customer. “I want my customers to know that I was just like them: I didn’t take a supplement and didn’t think they mattered. But once I tried Oligo and understood the science, that’s when I really got it,” Yvette says. “I know that when others really understand the science, that’s when they’ll never go back.”

For people like Yvette who’ve never taken a vitamin before, taking the 90-Day Challenge means creating a new habit. Yvette encourages her customers to set an alarm to remind them each day. “You might not feel a huge difference right away,” Yvette says, speaking of the 90-Day Challenge. “But if you stop taking the Vitality Pack after a few weeks, you’ll feel the difference.”

Through sharing her story, explaining the science, and getting her customers to take the 90-Day approach, Yvette is seeing great success. Just recently, Yvette enrolled a customer who used to regularly purchase from another supplement company. “She watched the Oligo video and realized her old stuff was junk,” Yvette says. “And because of the 90-Day Challenge, she literally feels the difference Oligo makes. She left her old company and started building a Melaleuca business.”


  1. David Chu on March 7, 2014 at 11:18 am

    Thank you for sharing the story. I was like her 17 years ago, not taking vitamins at all. After I tired for several months, and learned the science behind Melaleuca vitalities, I was totally convinced.

    Here is my story to share. Canada is very cold in the winter, but I enjoy exploring outdoors. Last Saturday I went to Banff with a local group snowshoe hiking. It was beautiful and we had great time in the mountains. However, I got frostbite on my right hand two fingers, because of taking pictures(my iPhone and Cannon camera stopped working in less than 1 min during later trip) and helping a lady for her heel blister(very bad and painful, and I used Melaleuca Oil and Mela-Gel, always with me on hiking) with my bare hand outside for 3-5 minutes, -40-50°C!

    I went to emergency after the tip immediately and visited my physician on the second day. They all said it is very bad frostbite(my physician has never seen it!), but offered nothing. I was told that I have to watch for its progress and try to avoid infection. What I have done are using Melaleuca products to help me to ease the pain and to help its recovery. I use T36-C5 several times a day to prevent any infection, then Pain-A-Trate to help circulation. Renew to keep my skin moisturized. Mela-Gel is amazing rescue. After I put it on serval times a day, I can see my figure tissue texture turning back from rack-pink.

    For sure, I keep my Vitality-4 Essential daily to boost my immune defense system strong. Not only I don’t feel less pain, but I also have great energy to go back my work and to continue my running exercise. I have been doing running exercise during lunch time twice a week(with my Access bars). This week I kept twice running along Calgary beautiful Bow River, 10km each run at -17°C.

    I think that Melaleuca saved my frostbitten figures, at least avoid suffering pain. Here is day 5 after, it is getting much better

  2. Jane Wilson on March 7, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    There is a saying you don’t know how good something is until it is gone. I believe that If you don’t believe in vitamins, and not just any vitamin but our Melaleuca vitamin, take our 90 day challenge, my doctor didn’t want me to take supplements before surgery because the effects with anesthesia has not ben studied, I will tell you I never want to do that again, I noticed a difference in 3 days, and by the time of surgery I found I couldn’t remember anything with out my unforgettable and ended up getting m first cold in 6 years. Coincidence maybe, but based on how I felt, I know it was the lack of vitamins and minerals. I recommend if you haven’t taken the challenge now is the time.

  3. Robert W. Henry LMT on March 13, 2014 at 12:20 am

    I’ve tried selling ionized water, which is a great product, yet it wasn’t within most peoples budgets to invest but then I found Melaleaca and everything changed..Since everyone already consumes the very same products ( except Melaleuca has removed the harmful chemicals and replaced them with totally healthy ones) I decided to see how sales would go with this business model…You know what, everyone I’ve talked to has either never heard of Melaleuca or is taking it already and didn’t know about the business end of this magnificent product…It is my intention to let as many families know about the massive earning potential there is here within the family known as “Melaleuca”. And already began my regimen of using Melaleuca right now. See you all at the top.


  4. Karen Boyette on March 21, 2014 at 7:19 am

    I have to say that I had the exact experience that Yvette did. The first thing I noticed is that I was sleeping better at night and woke up with energy. I used to go to bed tired and get up tired. I am very impressed with this product. Just moved up to the Vitality 4 pack.

  5. Trevor Angel on April 30, 2014 at 3:37 am

    So, if you do not feel a marked difference in your health and energy in 90 days – and that’s for you to decide – you get your money back!

    That’s the ultimate confidence in a product – take the real 90 day challenge – like all Melaleuca products it’s just a superb product!

  6. yen on July 8, 2014 at 3:09 am

    May I know how do you gauge the effectiveness of the oligo pack. Yes melaleuca ask customers to take the 90 days challenge but what is the factor that one should gauge? The blood factor? Blood pressure? Lethargic factor? How is that to be gauged? Just trying to understand.

  7. Stephanie Grams on July 14, 2014 at 10:40 am

    I’ve heard fantastic testimonials about our vitamins and am looking forward to using the Vitality Elevate. As an avid body builder, speed walker and jogger, its super important to refuel your body after every workout!

  8. Heather Maisonneuve on August 18, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Love Yvette’s story!
    I used to take Grocery Store Brand Vitamins.. till I noticed the Vitamins did absolutely nothing for me, Still caught colds/flu’s regardless of taking them. They were just a waste of money.
    My Best friend cared enough to share Melaleuca with me. Learning about our Vitamins, I took up our 90 Day Challenge as I had nothing to lose with our Money Back Guarantee. I’m so very grateful that I tried them as I have had such great success. I also found when I did not take them my immune system was not on guard.. I caught 2 very short colds in the 12 years since, then noticed as soon as I started back on the Vitamins, the cold was long gone.. I Exercise everyday, these Vitamins keep me going!!
    Yep, I Love Melaleuca!!