It’s time to break up with bleach and move up to MelaBrite Plus Oxi!

Melabright oxi MelaleucaWhy would you add ½ cup of chemical toxins to your load of laundry? That’s what you’re doing when you add Clorox® Bleach to your wash. The culprit in Clorox Bleach is chlorine—that toxic chemical with vapors irritating to your eyes and damaging to your respiratory system!

How does chlorine bleach harm you? Breathing in chlorine bleach vapors has a corrosive, damaging effect on sensitive internal tissues. It creates free radicals associated with aging and inflammation! It can literally scar the inside of your lungs, depleting your ability to take in and absorb oxygen. A recent independent study, based on 20 years of human research, showed that cleaning with grocery store cleaners, like those that contain chlorine bleach and ammonia, as little as once per week, is as damaging over time to your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!

Running chlorine bleach through your laundry fills the air with chlorine vapors that make their way throughout your entire home and into your lungs.

MelaBrite Plus Oxi is a color-safe whitener, brightener, and deodorizer that uses the power of natural enzymes and OXYGEN to keep your family’s clothes looking new wash after wash.

With MelaBrite Plus Oxi, there are NO toxic fumes to damage your respiratory system… EVER!. It is absolutely free of chlorine bleach, quaternary disinfectants, and ammonia.

So, give Clorox Bleach the boot. Chlorine isn’t your friend! Dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner. Then, move up to MelaBrite Plus Oxi for results that will leave your clothes—and you—looking brilliant.