Say Hello to the Newest Melaleuca Products Announced at Convention 2019

melaleuca products - new may 2019

Another year, another Melaleuca Convention highlighted by exciting new product announcements. Earlier today, thousands attending Convention 2019 in Salt Lake City got their very first look at Melaleuca’s latest exclusive wellness products.

As each new product was unveiled, the crowd erupted in enthusiastic applause. The cheers came as no surprise, as Melaleuca customers have grown to know, love, and trust each and every one of our products for more than 30 years.

For those of you who weren’t there in person, here’s your first look at the amazing Melaleuca products that made their worldwide debut today.

New Simply Fit™ Snacks

Every day, you’re looking for a good, satisfying snack. Why not snack better by choosing wholesome, great-tasting ingredients? Now you can with these three all-new, better-for-you snacks!

Simply Fit Protein Chewy Bars

simply fit protein shewy bars - birthday cake flavor
  • Protein made delicious
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 3 grams or less of sugar
  • Enjoy them in Birthday Cake and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors

Simply Fit Nut & Fruit Clusters

simply fit mango coconut nut and fruit clusters
  • 10 simple ingredients
  • Nothing artificial
  • Try them in Blueberry Vanilla and Mango Coconut flavors

Simply Fit Trail Bars

simply fit trail bars - almond and dark chocolate
  • Crafted with nutty goodness
  • Nothing artificial
  • Two scrumptious flavors: Almond & Cranberry and Almond & Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

New EcoSense® Laundry Products

EcoSense makes a concentrated effort to innovate when developing formulas.

EcoSense® 9x Laundry Products

Introducing our new 9x-concentrated laundry family!

BIG things come in small packages! EcoSense 9x features a redesigned bottle that’s easier to lift, pour, and store—and it does 96 loads. Enjoy clean, fresh, wonderfully fragrant laundry while saving plastic, fuel, and greenhouse emissions.

We promise we will never…

Use ingredients that are harmful to your family’s health or the well-being of our environment.

We promise we will always…

Use only the best ingredients. Based on research founded in science, we choose the safest, most dependable ingredients available. (In Canada, MelaBrite® and MelaSoft® available now.MelaPower® is coming soon.)

New Sei Bella® Beauty Products

Our color cosmetics line not only complements every skin tone and type but it includes powerful natural ingredients that actually improve your skin while you’re wearing it!

Flawless Foundation Sticks

sei bella foundation sticks

Cover. Conceal. Contour. Fast and mess-free, our NEW Flawless Foundation Sticks give you great coverage in a twist—in 15 stunning shades. Use with fingers or tools; layer for maximum coverage or diffuse for lighter coverage.

Flawless Concealer

sei bella Flawless Concealer

Flawless Concealer instantly conceals the appearance of darkness and imperfections—with a single swipe. The natural-looking, lightweight finish gives you a more unified skin tone that wears for up to eight hours. Available in six shades.

Defining Lash Mascara

Sei Bella Defining Lash Mascara

We completely revamped our Defining Lash Mascara with a better-than-ever formula and a new silicone brush designed to deliver precise application for ultimate definition. Special ingredients like argan oil and vitamin C condition and strengthen lashes without flaking or clumping.

Sei Bella Tinted Moisturizer

Sei Bella Tinted Moisturizer

Now available in eight shades! Sheer-coverage Tinted Moisturizer evens skin tone and adds a healthy glow with nourishing moisturizers, SPF 20 protection, and potent antioxidants.

InfoGuard Identity Theft Protection

InfoGuard Identity Theft Protection

Guard your personal information, your money, your credit worthiness, and your good name at a price you’ll only find at Melaleuca. InfoGuard gives you state-of-the-art ID protection at an unbeatable value. Monthly plans start at $7.99 and 2 Product Points. Sign up now at

Sun Valley®

Sun Valley Sunshine Melody

Sun Valley Sunshine Melody

Life is better with a little sunshine! Wrap yourself in a scent reminiscent of sweet summers and wildflowers. Available in Body Lotion, Body Wash, and Body Mist.

Sun Valley Shea Butter Luxury Bath Bar—Now Available in Honey Almond

Sun Valley Shea Butter Luxury Bath Bar—Honey Almond

It’s already loved as a Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Hand Soap. Now enjoy the sweet scent of Honey Almond in a full-size shea butter Luxury Bath Bar!

PURE™ Bliss Diffuser

PURE Bliss Diffuser

We updated our signature diffuser with new-and-improved features, including four timer settings that diffuse up to 20 hours, dual mist strengths, and a sleeker design.

SplasH²O®—Now Available in Raspberry Iced Tea

SplasH²O®—Raspberry Iced Tea

Raspberry Iced Tea joins the lineup of your favorite water-boosting flavor packs! Enjoy the taste of a perfect summer day, with real black and green tea sweetened by sun-ripened raspberries.

Limited-Time Products

Sei Bella StyleSetters® Summer 2019 Collection

Sei Bella StyleSetters - Summer 2019 Collection

This season, we’re Mad About Matte! Choose from a trio of matte eye shadow and blush palettes in cool, warm, and neutral tones, then ditch the shimmer for plush-as-velvet matte lipstick in 10 rich shades. Finish your look with our newest matte nail colors.

Mountain Cabin® Coffee: Blackberry Shortcake

Mountain Cabin® Coffee: Blackberry Shortcake

Enjoy the latest flavor sensation from Mountain Cabin Coffee—a mellow arabica ground blend with notes of juicy wild blackberry, cream, and shortcake.

Sun Valley Watermelon Jubilee

Sun Valley Watermelon Jubilee

Celebrate summer with a scrumptious fusion of chilled watermelon, strawberry, and sweet raspberry. Sun Valley's Watermelon Jubilee comes in Body Lotion, Body Wash, Foaming and Liquid Hand Soaps, plus a full-size Bath Bar!

Revive™ Coconut Water & Jasmine

Revive™ Coconut Water & Jasmine

Turn your home into an island escape with the exotic aromas of sweet jasmine, fresh coconut water, and soft sandalwood. Revive Coconut Water & Jasmine comes in a Room Spray, Scented Oil, Fabric Freshener, and a3-Wick Candle.

Sei Bella Travel-Size Dry Shampoo

Sei Bella Travel-Size Dry Shampoo

Sei Bella Dry Shampoo is now available in travel size, for gorgeous hair on the go. Dry Shampooabsorbs oil and sweat, refreshes hair between washes (we love the grapefruit scent), and adds shine in a lightweight formula. Dare to go dry today!

PURE Essential Oils

PURE World Tour of Oils

The PURE World Tour of Oils is ending where our journey began: Australia, home to grounding Blue Cypress, sweet Anise Myrtle, optimistic Lemon Myrtle, refreshing Eucalyptus Radiata, and rejuvenating Kunzea.


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