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Effective September 25, 2012.

That’s a date for the Melaleuca history books, and a significant milestone for Melaleuca Marketing Executives! September 25, 2012 was the day the U.S. Patent and Trademark office granted patent number 8273393 protecting Oligo® technology.

What does the new patent mean to your business?

More and more Americans recognize the need for proactive health care. As a result, they are looking for vitamins and supplements that actually perform. The new Oligo patent ensures that you not only get to offer the best nutritional supplements on the market to your customers, it ensures you’re the only one who can offer it to them!

The patent includes 36 claims protecting the composition (formula), methods of manufacturing, and effects of taking Oligo. It also ensures those protections will be in place for decades to come. More importantly, it verifies what Melaleuca customers have known for years—there’s nothing in the world like Oligo! Nothing matches Oligo when it comes to mineral absorption and antioxidant protection, and Melaleuca is the only place on earth you can find it!

What makes Oligo so unique?

Only Oligo technology  binds minerals to organic compounds (amino acids and oligofructose) to mirror the way they are found in fruits, vegetables and other whole foods to maximize solubility.

Improved absorption

Oligo minerals are scientifically proven to be up to 10 times more available for absorption than the minerals in the leading brands.* More importantly, Oligo has been shown to deliver up to 4 times greater absorption through actual intestinal cells compared to non-Oligo multivitamin-mineral forms. The result is you get more of the nutrition your body needs.

Superior antioxidant protection

Oligo has been scientifically shown to protect anti-oxidants better than the leading brands. More importantly, Oligo limits free radicals from spreading throughout the entire body—better than leading non-Oligo mineral forms on the market. Oligo offers the best antioxidant defense to protect your multivitamin and your body from the effects of free radicals.


Oligo: Powering the most popular products

Anything that contains minerals can benefit from Oligo’s breakthrough technology. While the Vitality Pack® is the most obvious example, a number of products are improved by the patented power of Oligo.


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  3. Christopher on February 14, 2013 at 7:53 am

    Patent = Protection…This is awesome news! OLIGO really is an amazing technology and as you learn about it you will come to love the way it works and the vitamins and minerals it delivers to your body. This truly is a flagship product at Melaleuca! I cannot speak highly enough about this product!

  4. Sheri on February 20, 2013 at 4:17 am

    Any chance we can get what the 36 claims are so we can bullet format them for our use?”

    “The patent includes 36 claims protecting the composition (formula), methods of manufacturing, and effects of taking Oligo”

  5. Editor on February 20, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Here is one of the references I found when searching on the patent number, Sheri: http://www.archpatent.com/patents/8273393

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