Nick Symmonds Takes the Silver at the 2013 Track & Field World Championships

Congratulations to Melaleuca Athlete & USA Track Star Nick Symmonds

Since 1997, no American has medaled in the World Championship or the Olympic 800-meters event—until now. Melaleuca athlete Nick Symmonds achieved a career-long dream when he won a silver medal at the World Championship in Moscow, Russia yesterday.

Nick Symmonds USA Track

Nick Symmonds (center) nears the finish line to win his 800-meter semifinal heat in Moscow. (The Associated Press)

“I raced for gold, and there’s no shame in finishing second,” Nick told reporters after the race. “I did everything I could to get it.” From the gun, Nick’s compatriot Duane Solomon led the race out to a blisteringly fast pace, clocking just under 24 seconds for the first 200 meters. When the pack rounded the corner after the first lap, Nick was in an unfamiliar spot—just off the race leader’s shoulder.

“I could tell it was a hot pace, but it was still very crowded,” Nick said. “I wanted to be as close to Duane as possible. I keyed off him the entire race.”

Into the final turn, Nick picked the pace up to a sprint just as his rival
Mohammed Aman broke free from the rest of the pack. For a moment hung in time, Nick had a solid body length between him and the next runner.

“With 100 to go, I flipped that switch,” Nick said. “At 75, I pretty much thought I was going to be the next world champion. I feel like I really raced for gold tonight. I wasn’t content to sit in the back and hang on for dear life for bronze or silver.”

A fan of Melaleuca’s products throughout his career, Nick undoubtedly turned to his favorite source for fuel: Melaleuca’s Access Bar.

“I would not be the athlete I am today if not for the Access Bars,” Nick told the audience at Convention just a few months ago. “The Access Bar will leave me feeling fueled but not overwhelmed by calories.”