More Power in Every Drop — Melaleuca MelaPower

Melaleuca MelaPower

A Melaleuca Exclusive

MelaPower® has long been one of our most popular products. It’s 6 times concentrated, so just half a fluid ounce cleans clothes like no other. And now, MelaPower is even better.

New Technology

Melaleuca graphic New MelaPower with improved stain-fighting technology works better than ever on tough stains like grass, chocolate, and blood. We’ve boosted the cleaning power with all-natural stain-fighting enzymes for noticeably cleaner, brighter laundry, without harsh chemicals.

More Effective in Cold Water

New MelaPower formula is more effective than ever in cold water. Did you know it costs $265 a year (in energy) on average to wash in hot water, and only $16 a year to wash in cold water? That’s a savings of $249 a year. And conserving energy is something we can all feel good about.

  • Just ½ fl. oz. cleans an entire load—and costs less per use
  • Biodegradable, naturally derived formula is bleach-free, non-alkaline, and as gentle on you and your clothes as tap water
  • Patented formula you can’t get anywhere else
  • Revolutionary MelaPower

    Melaleuca MelalPower is super-concentrated to cut back on waste from plastic, water, and shipping fuel. And its powerful Rinse Guard™ formula keeps dirt from settling back onto clothes. Our new scents rely on the all-natural goodness of essential oils and will linger on your laundry long after the washing is done.