Minerals Matter Micronutrients Yield A Big Benefit

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While vitamins get a lot of the credit for good health, minerals are just as critical. In fact, without minerals, vitamins cannot be metabolized and are rendered useless. Yet too many of us aren’t getting minerals in a form our bodies can actually use. That’s why Melaleuca minerals are powered by Oligo.®

What is an essential mineral?

Minerals are simply inorganic chemical substances. They are all naturally occurring in the earth, but cannot be created by the body. An “essential” mineral is just that—a mineral that is critical to life and good health.

The spark plugs of life

Minerals are often referred to as the “spark plugs of life” because these chemical elements are required to activate the more than 20,000 enzymes found in the human body. If you think of an enzyme as an engine, it is the mineral that provides the spark that starts the engine, while vitamins and amino acids are part of the fuel that helps it perform its task. Without the mineral—the trigger—the reaction would never take place.

Jump-starting critical functions

Enzyme reactions are responsible for everything from regulating your heartbeat to breathing, digesting food, and even proper growth and development. Each enzyme has a specific function in the body that no other enzyme can perform, and each enzyme requires a specific essential mineral or group of minerals to function properly. As a result, the health and proper functioning of your body is directly tied to getting the ideal level of essential minerals every day.

Why aren’t we getting enough?

While all the minerals we need are found in the earth, our bodies cannot process them in their raw form. The ideal way to get minerals is from the foods we eat. But there are two problems with that.

We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 14% of adults eat the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

The reduction in average mineral content of fruit and vegetables since 1940 on a table

Fruits and vegetables contain fewer minerals: Modern farming practices combined with new varieties of crops and even changes in the soil all add up one to one thing—fruits and vegetables aren’t as healthy as they once were. That means getting the minerals we need from food alone is more difficult than ever before.

First signs of deficiency

That fatigue you’re feeling may not be just because of the changing seasons. And your muscle cramps may be caused by too little calcium rather than too much walking. The body does an amazing job of prioritizing health needs. If you aren’t getting the ideal amount of a mineral, the symptoms aren’t severe, but over time the deficiency can really add up. The following are some common minerals adults often do not get enough of and the symptoms that can indicate a deficiency.

  • Calcium: Muscle cramps, nervousness, arm/leg numbness, tooth decay
  • Iron: Cold hands and feet, anemia (pale skin and fatigue), headache
  • Zinc: Fatigue, frequent colds
  • Magnesium: Exhaustion, irritability, poor digestion, anxiousness

Just Like Nature® for superior absorption

Melaleuca redesigned mineral supplements from the ground up to create a one-of-a-kind technology that offers superior absorption and maximum antioxidant protection.

Oligo is the only mineral form that binds minerals to protein and fiber to mimic the way they are naturally found in fruits and vegetables.

The result is a mineral form your body can more easily use to get the nutrition you need to be your best and make the most of every moment.

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