Melaleuca Products Enhance the Summer Season

The summer season is in full swing! And now you might not be so glad that temperatures are up. Whether you love the summer heat or are already looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall. What are your favorites? Are you a nature lover? A gardener? A barbecuer and a backyard host? Do you love family road trips or cycling? Whatever your summer passion, you know that there are essential products for your hot-weather activities. Melaleuca: The Wellness Company has you covered.

Protect and Support Your Skin during Summer Fun

Yes, it’s cliché, but you can’t talk about summertime products without first mentioning sunscreen. Individual needs may vary depending on skin type and activity, but sunscreen is important if you plan on being out in the sunlight for long hours. Remember, the days are long during the summer. During the summer solstice, the sunlight can stick around anywhere from 14 hours if you’re down in Florida to 16.5 hours if you’re up near Canada.

Melaleuca offers two types of sunscreen: Sun Shades Mineral Plus SPF 30+ Sunscreen and Sport SPF 50 Continuous Spray Sunscreen. If your skin is a little more sun tolerant, we recommend the SPF 30+ sunscreen. It goes on as a cream and even has vitamins and minerals for added protective benefits.

If you have skin that becomes beet red after a mere 10 minutes, the SPF 50 sunscreen is your friend. It comes in a convenient continuous spray and offers 80 minutes of water-resistant protection, perfect for quickly applying to children who just want to get back in the water.

And if your skin is a bit red and warm after a long day outside, reach for Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E. If that name confuses you, just know that this is a cream for repairing sun-damaged skin. It includes aloe vera and the Melaleuca namesake, melaleuca oil, for efficient relief and repair.

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Protect Your Baby’s Skin

Did you know that diaper rash occurs more often during the summer months? Rashes are easily made worse by high humidity and high temperatures because the pH level of the skin during the summer makes it more susceptible to wetness. Family trips and beach days can already be hard on little travelers — no need to make the experience harder with irritated skin.

Thankfully Melaleuca offers an entire baby lineup called Koala Kubs, which includes Koala Kubs Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Lotion. The diaper rash cream uses zinc oxide and is hypoallergenic, just like the baby lotion, which uses jojoba oil and glycerin.

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Other Melaleuca Products for a Good Summer

When you’re done applying the sunscreen or the after-sun cream, protect your lips too and reach for some of Melaleuca’s Sun Shades Lip Balm. Winter isn’t the only time we get chapped lips, after all, and this natural lip balm actually has SPF, so it’s a great addition to your summer repertoire! It comes in three flavors, including a seasonal favorite, piña colada.

Even when the sun starts to get low and evening arrives, your skin is still under attack — from mosquitos! If there’s anything worse than feeling your skin start to scorch underneath the sun’s rays, it’s feeling hundreds of mosquitos jabbing into your flesh. That’s not how anyone wants to spend a backyard get-together, so be sure to bring Melaleuca Natural Insect Repellent, a natural DEET-free repellent that is 99% effective. It even contains five essential oils — peppermint, cinnamon, lemongrass, rose geranium and thyme oil.

And whether you’re having fun in the heat or enjoying that backyard barbecue, you’ll probably want something cool and delicious to drink, and Melaleuca can help with that. Their Splash2O drink mix has zero calories and comes in six flavors, including two iced tea flavors — everyone will be able to find a flavor they love.

Melaleuca Fitness Products

If the summer months are also your workout months, then look no further than the Melaleuca lineup of fitness products. Running, cycling, rowing, lifting weights, or anything else — however you choose to work out in nature, Melaleuca has some essential products for fitness nutrition.

The company has a three-in-one Sustain lineup that will have you covered before, during, and after your workouts. Mix Sustain Pre-Active with water and drink it 30 minutes before your workout, take Sustain Active Electrolyte Hydration for fuel during your exercise, and take Sustain Post-Active afterward to help your body recover after those summer workouts.

And if you love getting extra protein for muscle growth and recovery, The Wellness Company offers its Proflex lineup to give you the nutrition and results you need. Melaleuca offers two kinds, Proflex and Proflex Pro, depending on how much protein you desire. If powder isn’t your style, Proflex also comes in convenient bars that are perfect for fitness on the go. And for those who want or require a plant-based option, Proflex also has a pea-protein powder that is dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Maybe you’re not looking to bulk up, just lose weight. Consider the Access Bar, an exercise bar with unique technology. Canadian scientist Larry Wang originally wanted to discover how certain animals, like squirrels, can increase their body heat in cold temperatures. His research led him to create something significant — a bar that can temporarily block adenosine, a neurotransmitter that itself blocks fat from being burned during physical activity. The technology was originally used for the Canadian Armed Forces before becoming known as Access, which also comes in powder form for making shakes.

Whether you choose just one of these amazing products or all of them, Melaleuca’s Sustain, Proflex, and Access products are designed to support your fitness goals and optimize your performance.

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Look for Other Melaleuca Products

Be sure to look at other Melaleuca offerings. Remember, Melaleuca offers its customers over 400 health and wellness products that are inspired by nature and backed by science, including personal care and hygiene products, home cleaning products, healthy snacks, cosmetics and essential oils. The company has so much more than just these summer products to enhance your fun this season.

Whether your summer is long or short, before you find yourself shopping for school supplies, make the most out of your time by incorporating these great Melaleuca products to help maintain your health, wellness and nutrition and live a vibrant life during the summer months.