Melaleuca Introduces 3 New & Improved EcoSense® Formulas

Tub&Tile Ecosense

For 30 years, Melaleuca has been the leader in cleaning products that are not only more effective than the grocery store brands, but also safer, healthier, and more natural. You won’t find chlorine bleach, ammonia, or other toxic chemicals in any of our EcoSense products.

Melaleuca’s innovative cleaning products use natural, biodegradable ingredients so they’re safer for your home, your family, and the environment. The concentrated formulas save plastic and offer you a better value. And now, we’re excited to announce all-new, improved formulas for three of our most popular EcoSense products.

Tub & Tile™ Bathroom Cleaner
Tub & Tile cleans tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, and other bathroom surfaces.* When you use Tub & Tile , you’re using the power of nature—not harsh chemicals—to safely melt away soap scum, limescale, and hard water stains.

What’s new?

  • The natural cleaning power of citric acid (lemons) is better than ever! Making it easier than ever to fight hard water stains and bathroom grime. Derived from sugar cane, sugar beets, and pineapple, glycolic acid boosts Tub & Tile’s natural effectiveness, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner, fresher bathroom—without the worry of toxic chemicals and fumes.
  • The improved Tub & Tile formula also includes a new fragrance oils to deliver an updated Lemon and Tangerine scent that is sure to leave your bathroom smelling as fresh and clean as it looks.

Clear Power® Glass Cleaner

Clear Power cleans glass, stainless steel, and other shiny surfaces. It works best with our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths.

What’s new?

  • All-new Clear Power features dramatically improved cleaning power with naturally derived, ammonia-free cleaners. It delivers streak-free performance and gives you a cleaning value no grocery store alternative can beat.
  • Clear Power now comes in a fresh new fragrance—Crisp Orchard—that’s preferred 4-to-1 over the old scent.

No Work® Daily Shower Cleaner
Hate cleaning the shower? No Work does it for you—in just seconds. For a cleaner, fresher shower, just spray and walk away.

What’s new?

  • Improved sheeting action speeds the removal of soap scum and hard water stains from shower surfaces, keeping your shower looking cleaner longer, with no scrubbing.
  • No Work’s new, improved Grapefruit and Yuzu fragrance keeps your shower smelling as clean as it looks.

*Do not use on natural marble, stone, colored grout, or antique, brass, or acrylic surfaces.


  1. Gina says

    I totally love these cleaners, no more headaches from the other cleaners on the market. Thank you Melaleuca for all your fantastic products! Never felt better :)

  2. Sandy Garrett says

    Please think of putting Solugard in a wipe or small refillable bottles to carry in pocket book. I use my hand sanitizer consistently when eating out. So many times I would like to clean table.
    Restaurants use a not so clean cloth to so call clean tables

  3. Jenn says

    I second the request for Soluguard wipes! So many people use the toxic Clorox wipes because of the conveince factor. I would love love Soluguard wipes to use on household items that can’t be “wet” with the spray!

  4. Phyllis says

    Wahoo! I love my tub ’tile and can’t wait to try these too.
    Side note: One of my favorite cleaning products is Rustic Touch! It smells great and leaves an amazing shine. Thank you Melaleuca!

  5. Laura says

    Thank you! For many years I used another non toxic line of cleaners that had no fragrance. Even with the herbs used in the cleaning products they were still strong to me due to my migraines. However I have found that the different fragrances are much better for me. I really enjoyed the spiced apple tough n tender so I know I’ll enjoy these! Can’t wait to get them!!! ?

  6. Donzell says

    I’ve been using Melaleuca products since 1992. I’ve seen so many new products and amazing products over the years. My house is totally melaleucanized. Just when I think I can’t be more amazed, something like this happens. I can’t say enough about this company. Simply amazing.

  7. says

    I would love to have an “office” pack of products that will help me keep my nonprofit job area clean and toxic free :) My desk has a travel size Renew lotion, Pain-a-trate (I work for a YMCA), and the cleaning wipes. Sure would love to have more options!

  8. Deb Bittner says

    I too would like to see you mfg. Sol-u-guard wipes!
    Also absolutely loved the Raspberry Splash H2O. Would love to see you bring it back. I have also had alot of customers say that also! Please consider this. I’m sure it would be a great seller with all the new Customers that have joined Malalucea this year alone!
    I do love all your products!
    Thank You for listening!!!!!!!!!!!

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