Melaleuca Delectables Chocolate Thins

Limited Time Only: New Melaleuca Delectables Chocolate Thins


Who says indulging in tempting treats has to be a sin? New from Melaleuca, Delectables Chocolate Thins handcrafted gourmet bark is the perfect combination of seriously decadent flavors and superb natural health benefits. The result is delectable satisfaction with none of the guilt.

Available for a limited time in four delicious flavors, Delectables Chocolate Thins are the go-to treat for whenever your sweet tooth strikes. Because each gourmet variety of bark is made with the finest cacao chocolate in the world, you get natural nutrients, flavonoid antioxidants, and a revelation in decadence. Naturally flavored, naturally sweetened, and gluten-free, Delectables Chocolate Thins contain taste and texture combinations that are simply mouthwatering.

Take a closer look at each sensational flavor…and try your best not to drool!

Melaleuca's New Delectables!

Milk Chocolate with Pretzels, Sea Salt, and Caramel Flavor

This bark contains the perfect balance of salty and sweet for the serious chocolate connoisseur. Bask in the wonderful combination of silky smooth 34% cacao milk chocolate, the buttery aroma and sweet flavor of caramel, savory sea salt, and crispy, gluten-free pretzels. It’s a heavenly symphony of exquisite tastes.


Dark Chocolate Blueberry Crisp

Rich dark chocolate with blueberries and crisp is a surprisingly delightful medley. We’ve combined flavonoid-rich blueberries and a generous sprinkling of crisped quinoa and chia seeds with deep, dark 65% cacao chocolate infused with fruit juice powder. Believe us when we say these tastes truly are made for each other.


Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Sea Salt, and Pumpkin Seeds

You may already know that pumpkin seeds contain a host of health benefits. But did you also know that—just like almonds—they pair exceptionally well with dark chocolate? That’s why we’ve created this rich, dark 65% cacao chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds, almond pieces, and a sprinkling of natural sea salt. Sounds just about perfect, doesn’t it?


White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch

If there’s a more festive and refreshing taste combination than peppermint and chocolate, we’d love to know what it is. This bark contains not one, but two kinds of delicious chocolate. We start with a base is a sultry sweet 30% cacao white chocolate mixed with natural peppermint oil. Then we top it with crunchy, organic peppermint pieces and a drizzle of rich dark chocolate. It’s a perfect way to get your peppermint fix this holiday season.

Trust us: Any excuse you have to enjoy Delectables Chocolate Thins is a good one. So go on…indulge!

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  1. thomasina anderson on December 22, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Oh my goodness. I traveled to Ohio this month and took some of the cheese crackers and some chocolates sea salt with pretzels. While in the hotel room I asked my nieces if they would like to have some and they said Yes. They are 8, 10 and 14. It was so funny when they tasted each one at the same time they said this is the best crackers and chocolate they have every had. I said to myself out of the mouth of babes comes the truth. What a testimony they gave me. When I returned to California I ordered them the crackers and chocolate to send in the mail. Oh don’t let me forget I also let them use my pineapple mango soap and all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS also, sent a bar of soap with package.