Conquer National Quitters Day—Stand Firm in Your New Year’s Resolutions

an orange balloon with an exercise weight on it, a purple balloon with Melaleuca's Mela-Out Magnesium under it.

Have you found that it’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions, but it’s even easier to give up on them?

If so, take comfort. We’ve all been there, abandoning a well-meaning goal after only a short period of time. In fact, this has become such a common occurrence that researchers have pinpointed the precise day when most people will fall off the resolution wagon.

Ever since their findings were revealed, the second Friday in January has notoriously been dubbed as National Quitters Day.  

This year, Friday, January 12, 2024, is the day of reckoning. But truth be told, roughly 23% of people don’t even make it through the first week! Even though others may toss in the towel by that day, you certainly do not!

Let’s Celebrate Quitters Day by Defying It!

The top three new year’s resolutions for 2024 are all related to adopting a healthier lifestyle. More than half of Americans plan to exercise more, eat healthier, or lose weight as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Better mental health also places high. And with Melaleuca products, these resolutions are well within reach!

Here are a few simple tips on how to stick to your goals, even when things get tricky. First, be realistic and don’t try to go too hard too soon. Remember that small and consistent short-term changes lead to new habits. Second, be accountable to others. Third, keep it lighthearted and fun so you don’t put too much pressure on yourself right after the stresses of the holidays. If it’s not fun to exercise or study, you’re unlikely to keep at it. But if you get pleasure from your workouts or study sessions, research has found you’ll persist longer. Lastly, celebrate the small wins so you reinforce positive habits and maintain motivation through the challenges.

What if you’re determined to not be a quitter? Well, you have Melaleuca’s superior health and wellness products at your disposal!

Since wellness resolutions are at the top of so many lists, several Melaleuca products can help you beat this Quitters Day. With these solutions, you can be among the 9% who reach their goals and celebrate the success of their resolutions, paving the way for new and even more ambitious aspirations next year.

Peak Performance Nutrition Pack

If you aren’t already taking the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack, this is the first and most important thing you should do for your health. Supplementation is easy, and taking an AM and PM pack requires only a few seconds each day. In many ways, it’s the ultimate in self-care.

The Peak Performance Pack combines six Melaleuca supplements into morning and evening packets for daily foundational nutrition. These nutrients are provided to the body in a way that resolves so many of the problems with other nutritional supplements. With patented Oligo technology, the minerals in the Peak Performance Pack are bound to protein and fibers—just like minerals in plants—for 10x better mineral absorption and protection from free radical damage.

In four clinical human trials, the Peak Performance Pack was shown to improve 25 key health markers including lower free radicals, decreased inflammation, lower cholesterol, improved blood lipid and glucose levels, and more!*

Melaleuca's Peak Performance Packs Women, men, and 50+

All-New GC Control

That’s right—GC Control Shakes are all new. Melaleuca has now combined its time-tested Attain and GC Control formulas into one powerful, great-tasting product!

GC Control is a perfect tool in helping you achieve a healthier you in 2024. It’s better than ever at helping to reduce your hunger cravings while also supporting healthy blood glucose levels, optimizing sugar absorption, promoting proper carbohydrate metabolism, and supporting healthy energy levels!*

Unveiled in January 2024, this enhanced formula retains the innovative CraveBlocker blend originally found in Attain and combines it with the powerful ingredients found in GC Control, such as cinnamon bark, whey protein, and chromium powered by Oligo®, which means the chromium is bound to protein and fibers making it highly absorbable, which is key because chromium plays an important role in enhancing insulin activity.*

Melaleuca's new GC control product line

These delicious new shakes are available in four satisfying flavors—Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, and Caramel Créme Brûlée—so you’ll never tire of providing your body with this amazing nutrition all year long!

Proflex Protein Powder

What’s a New Year’s resolution list without a commitment to exercise a bit more?

Many fitness-related new year’s resolutions—as promising and achievable as they may initially seem—are unlikely to have a very long shelf life, as people gradually fall out of routine mere days into the new calendar year.

That said, whether you’re a fitness aficionado or just wanting to get in more steps, Proflex Protein Shakes and Proflex Pro Protein Bars are specifically designed to help you in your physical pursuits.

Protein plays a fundamental role in maintaining and repairing body tissues, supporting muscle mass, and promoting overall physical well-being. As we age, there is a natural decline in muscle mass and bone density, making protein intake even more critical to offset these effects. The right kind of protein consumption supports the preservation of muscle mass, which is essential for maintaining strength, mobility, and balance. Proflex Protein Bars and Shakes also contribute to a feeling of satiety, aiding in weight management by reducing the likelihood of excessive calorie consumption.*

melaleuca Proflex in the foreground, a man boxing in the background

Each serving or bar contains 20 grams of whey protein (Proflex Pro contains 30 grams) and all nine essential amino acids to fuel your workouts. If you have a dairy-free diet, we’ve got you covered! Proflex Pro also comes in a plant-based pea protein powder!

Sustain Performance Lineup

Regular exercise and physical activity are important to maintaining good health. If you’re ready to go beyond the steps and step up to a fitness routine (or if you already have one), Sustain can give your body maximum support as you prepare for, perform, and recover after activity.

Melaleuca's Sustain product line

Updated in May 2023, the new Sustain lineup consists of three products: Sustain Pre-Active, Sustain Active Electrolyte Hydration, and Sustain Post-Active.

Thirty minutes before activity, drink Sustain Pre-Active that combines arugula, mango leaf extract, caffeine, and a special ProvexCV blend to increase focus and energy and improve reaction times.*

During your activity, accelerate your performance with Active Electrolyte Hydration, which features a 4-in-1 electrolyte complex to keep your body hydrated and sustain muscle function. Active Electrolyte Hydration comes in four flavors, including one sweetened with stevia.

And after your activity, maximize your recovery with Sustain Post-Active. This instant drink mix has all nine essential amino acids, creatine, and minerals powered by Oligo to improve endurance, muscle size, and strength.

Remember, a properly fueled workout is always more enjoyable than one that isn’t. And you’re far more likely to get back out there again and again if your experiences are satisfying and positive.

FiberWise Drink

More than 95% of North Americans aren’t getting enough fiber in their diets, especially compared to our ancestors. But this isn’t merely an unfortunate oversight—fiber is vital to overall health. With the constant increased proliferation of processed foods and low-carb diets, fiber has taken a back seat in the modern diet.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water and can form a gel-like substance; it can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Insoluble fiber bulks up stool and promotes the movement of waste through the intestines.

Both kinds of fiber are crucial to good health, which includes maintaining a healthy digestive tract and cardiovascular system, lowering cholesterol, and reducing the risk of heart disease.

FiberWise provides an optimal amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber as well as soothing herbs, antioxidants, and probiotics. One serving of FiberWise contains 14 grams of fiber (50% daily value) from seven diverse sources.

Melaleuca's Fiberwise product line

Mela-Out Magnesium

That’s right—if you haven’t heard, Melaleuca offers the most effective magnesium drink on the market! While getting more active is an important goal that we all should have, it’s also important to de-stress, unwind, and get the most out of the passive moments in our lives. Doing so can be beneficial to succeeding in improving mental health. Mela-Out can help!

Magnesium is an important mineral that is essential to maintaining healthy muscles, bone structure, and even blood sugar levels. It also plays a role in transporting potassium and calcium ions across cell membranes, which is crucial to healthy nerve function.

Through its relationship to chemical reactions in the body, magnesium has been associated with promoting calmness, such as muscle relaxation. And the magnesium in Mela-Out is also powered by Oligo technology!

Plus, Mela-Out features B6, which scientific research suggests can facilitate cellular uptake of magnesium—in other words, B6 improves the absorption of magnesium in the intestines.

You’re Not a Quitter!

It’s time to make 2024 a year to remember. No hastily made goals that you don’t intend to keep. No crashing and burning. Embrace real change and real improvement with these Melaleuca products and remember that Melaleuca has over 400 health and wellness products that work synergistically to help you reach your goals! Celebrate this Quitters Day by defying it! Don’t just dream of a healthier you this year—make it a reality!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.