The Latest in EcoSense® Brilliance: New MelaBrite® Plus OXI

You are brilliant, and you’ve never been brighter than now. Melaleuca introduces all-new MelaBrite Plus OXI—the latest laundry-whitening addition to the EcoSense family.
MelaBrite Plus OXI’s oxygen-powered cleansers help remove even super-tough stains like spaghetti sauce, wine, sweat and body odor, and dirt and grass stains. Five natural enzymes battle dinginess to leave your clothes naturally whiter and brighter than ever.
Tests show that even after 30 washes, clothes washed with MelaBrite Plus OXI looked bright as new. MelaBrite Plus OXI also effectively deodorizes your laundry and your washer.
Like all EcoSense products, it delivers the performance you deserve with absolutely no chlorine bleach. And the forward-thinking packaging uses 90 % less plastic than traditional MelaBrite.
All-new MelaBrite Plus OXI leaves you looking absolutely brilliant. Now, with MelaBrite Plus OXI, the EcoSense laundry system is the safest and most effective you can find.
To learn more about the complete EcoSense laundry system, watch the video.


  1. Pamela Dunn on August 1, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Is the new MelaBrite OXI a prewash/detergent/booster ALL-IN-ONE?

    Does it replace MelaPower during a wash cycle OR is it classified as a Prewash only like the website implies? (“EcoSense Laundry Family” photo places MelaBrite OXI above the prewash section)