Keep Your Holidays and Your Gut Happy with These Four Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca Product Good zymes

For many, the holiday season is a time to get together with family and friends, share experiences, and enjoy delicious food. From home-cooked dinners to neighborhood potlucks, there’s no shortage of tasty and tempting treats during the most wonderful time of the year.

And while indulging on holiday fares of all kinds may be delightful, the toll it can take on your stomach and your whole body can be frightful. But have no fear! Here are four of Melaleuca’s many wellness products that will be your best companions for these situations.

Good Zymes™

Chances are your holidays will feature a variety of foods, including some you’re not “supposed” to be eating. But with Good Zymes, you can still enjoy the foods you love without the worry of bloating gas, cramps, or digestive discomfort.

Good Zymes is formulated with a comprehensive blend of 18 digestive enzymes to maximize effective digestion and the accessibility of nutrients from the foods you eat. These 18 enzymes speed up chemical reactions that turn dietary nutrients into substances that your digestive tract can more easily absorb.

So whether you’re having a cozy dinner at a relative’s house, enjoying pizza with friends, or eyeing the treat table at a holiday party, take Good Zymes before you start feasting. Your gut will thank you!


Did you know that 95% of us are not getting enough fiber? Getting adequate amounts of this critical nutrient isn’t usually top of mind when holiday delights abound. But with FiberWise Drink, it doesn’t have to be!

FiberWise provides the optimal amount of soluble and insoluble fiber along with soothing herbs, antioxidants, and probiotics to support your overall digestive health. When you are giving your body enough fiber, it can more efficiently sweep away sugars, fats, waste, and toxins. But the benefits of FiberWise don’t stop there!

FiberWise also provides incredible support to your immune and cardiovascular systems while also promoting a healthy digestive tract, reducing the risk of heart disease, and lowering cholesterol.

Melaleuca product Fiberwise collection

FiberWise Drink comes in three delicious flavors. And Melaleuca now offers FiberWise All Purpose, an unflavored FiberWise powder that is the perfect way to put the benefits of fiber into your holiday baking!

GC Control™

Maybe you’re just wanting to avoid giving in to food temptations altogether. You’ve worked hard to eat healthier, and you don’t want your holiday cheer to turn into a holiday humbug. In that case, take control of your sugar and carb cravings with GC Control!

GC Control is a delicious, low-sugar, one-of-a-kind shake with a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to put you in control of your food cravings. It can also help to increase your energy and optimize your weight management efforts. In a blind clinical study, 54% of participants using GC Control reported feeling less fatigue and 37% reported lower appetite!

And what’s more, GC Control comes in five different flavors, so you’re sure to find exactly what will satisfy your holiday cravings!

Melaleuca product GC control

Proflex Protein Powder

How does protein powder make for a great holiday product? It is a delicious way to boost a much-needed holiday fitness routine, but that’s not why it’s on this list. How about using it to make a sweet holiday treat that won’t bust your waistline? That’s right—here’s a recipe that will deck your halls!

Holiday Peppermint Bites

2 scoops chocolate Proflex or Proflex Pro Protein Powder

2 cups pitted and softened medjool dates (soften them in hot water for 10 minutes)

1 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup rolled oats

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp mint extract

Mix all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until they’re completely blended, then form the mixture into bite-size balls with your hands or a small cookie scoop. If you really want to make your spirit bright, roll the protein bites in some crushed candy canes!

Holiday Peppermint ball recipe

These are just 4 of Melaleuca’s more than 400 wellness products. That’s right—Melaleuca has more than 400 product offerings! There are many more Melaleuca products that can uplift and enhance your holiday rejoicings. Seasonal indulgences don’t always have to end in gastrointestinal tragedy!

Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay festive!