Introducing all new Revive Air Care

Introducing all new Revive Air Care

A complete line of home air care products giving you the creative freedom to enhance your home’s atmosphere as the mood moves you, as the occasion suggests, or as the seasons change. Enjoy wonderful fragrances whenever and wherever you want them.
The new Revive Air Care lineup includes:

  • Revive Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle RelaxerRevive Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle Relaxer
    With a few quick spritzes or gentle tugs, Revive 2x Concentrated Fabric Freshener and Wrinkle Relaxer helps eliminate wrinkles and freshen clothing, fabrics, upholstery and more
  • Revive Room SpraysRevive Room Sprays
    Instantly add a fragrant welcome to any room with a mist of Revive Room Spray. This light, refillable, non-aerosol indulgence imparts sublime fragrance and spring-morning freshness.
  • Revive Soy CandlesRevive Soy Candles
    Create the gentle ambiance of candlelight with fragrance by striking a match to a Revive Soy Candle. Long lasting, clean-burning soy candles have a lead-free, soot less, cotton wick.
  • Revive Scented OilsRevive Scented Oils
    The Revive Scented Oil Warmer enhances the feel of any room with long-lasting scent. The plug-in warmer is available with your choice of two elegantly designed, slide-on covers.
  • Revive Wax Melts & Wax Melt WarmersRevive Wax Melts & Wax Melt Warmers
    Enjoy your favorite fragrance with the flip of a switch. Drop a deliciously scented wax melt into a Revive Warmer. An elegant décor option is our Wax Melt Warmers for a slow simmer of fragrance.

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