Taking Aim: How Enzymes Target & Destroy Stains

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Whether it’s a blouse that brings out the color of your eyes or a pair of pants that fits you just right—we all have a favorite outfit. So when an errant splash of pasta sauce, cooking oil, or another potential stain threatens to ruin your favorite attire, you’re worried about more than just the money. That’s why you need the advanced stain-fighting enzymes in Melaleuca’s EcoSense laundry products.

Many grocery store laundry products rely on harsh alkalis to remove dirt and stains from your clothes. It’s the cheapest way to break down molecules so they can be washed away. But alkalis, by their very nature, have a harsh chemical reaction not only on stains, but also on cloth fibers and dyes that give clothes their color. Melaleuca uses a far more advanced technology in its cleaning products: enzymes.

The Smarter Stain Removers

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Enzymes are special proteins that work together to break large compounds into smaller pieces. The stain is physically cut off from the surface of the fabric piece by piece, with the enzyme acting as scissors. Melaleuca’s naturally derived cleaning formulas break apart stains and dirt and put them into a solution so they can simply be rinsed away.

Enzymes are much more discretionary than harsh alkalis. Alkalis attack almost everything they touch. Enzymes, on the other hand, only dissolve targeted substances.

Melaleuca Enzymes provide a safer and more effective way to destroy stains

The ability of enzymes to target certain substances has allowed Melaleuca to create a proprietary blend of enzymes that target specific stains but do not attack cloth fibers like cotton, polyester, or wool. Since there is no chemical reaction, there is no collateral damage to the fabric or color of the clothes. So that brownie you ended up sharing with your shirt—there’s still hope. Melaleuca has an enzyme specifically designed to remove chocolate. There are also enzymes to help remove the cheese and tomato from that pasta mishap, and the leftovers from a myriad of other stains.

Enzymes are also all natural. They are found throughout nature in plants and foods and are also part of the digestive system in your stomach and saliva.

Save Your Clothes and Your Pocketbook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends $1,736 on clothes each year.* When you’re buying clothes for a family of four, those hangers in your closet represent a significant financial investment. Then again, when you’re buying clothes for a family of four, you also can’t afford to pay the high prices so many “green” companies charge. It takes three bottles of Tide® Ultra 2X to equal one bottle of MelaPower, making MelaPower an average of 35% cheaper per wash.† Melaleuca offers products that are truly green at a price that leaves you with a little extra green in your pocketbook.

EcoSensse Laundry Pack

*Source: https://www.bls.gov/news.release/cesan.nr0.htm
†Statistic based on United States pricing. When washing a normal load per label instructions.


  1. Karen. Speijer on February 5, 2014 at 9:42 am

    We have been loyal melaleuca customers for 20 years. We have raised 4 kids using melaleuca products in our home.,. Love these products and love this company.

  2. Cindy Patriquin on February 6, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    I have been shopping with Melaleuca for four years and will never switch back to grocery store brands. No more sneezing when I get up in the morning. I feel better and know I am helping preserve our environment for future generations.

  3. Wayne on February 12, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    My immediate family and extended family loves these products! Finally, clean without chemicals…what a concept!