Fore! Melamasters Golf Tournament Tees Up Team Members

Melaleuca Team members

Melaleuca Team members and their guests enjoyed a relaxing day of play at the Melamasters Golf Tournament on Saturday, August 6, making memories and having fun throughout this friendly competition.

Participation in the Melamasters Golf Tournament at Sand Creek Golf Course in Idaho Falls, Idaho is a yearly tradition for many Melaleuca team members. This four-person golf scramble brought out golfers of all skill levels who mainly played for the camaraderie, social connection, and the physical and mental challenge of the game.

Women driving a golf ball

“The Melamasters golf tournament is just one example of many that illustrates our engaging, family-centered culture and demonstrates why Melaleuca ranks as one of America’s best employers,” said Jamie Reynolds, Melaleuca’s Vice President of Human Resources. “We feel like a large family, and we play together.”

For some brave souls, this was their first experience on a golf course, and team members quickly taught them how to swing. Other players had much more experience hitting the links, demonstrated by Connor Skidmore, a Melaleuca supply chain analyst who was just inches away from a hole-in-one on the longest drive competition.

To up the ante, Melaleuca gave away 38 prizes to participants for the longest drive, longest putt, best gross score, best net score, highest overall score and more.

While there were a number of marvelous shots throughout the tournament, the Melamasters also produced plenty of opportunities for golfers to laugh at the situation, stay present, and practice patience during the round.

Regardless of the number of strokes on the final scorecards, Melamaster golfers congratulated each other for their good shots and enjoyed the process!

Man driving a golf ball