Elevate Spring-Cleaning with EcoSense

It’s that time again. Winter is over, and whether it was long and cold or short and mild, it is often a time when cleaning our homes gets put way down on the to-do list. Thankfully even the mustiest, dustiest house is no match for EcoSense cleaners. And with the EcoSense Cleaning Handbook, those cleaners will be even more effective and powerful!

Why Are EcoSense Products So Popular?

Melaleuca customers love being able to effectively clean their homes, clothing, and dishes while keeping their families safe. EcoSense cleaners use natural compounds and don’t contain chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, phthalates, or parabens.

And EcoSense surface cleaners are super-concentrated—just add water from your own tap! This means that Melaleuca doesn’t waste fuel by shipping water. It also means less virgin plastic is used for bottles.

But what are the best ways to use EcoSense cleaning products? You might feel overwhelmed by the vast array of products to choose from and their many uses. Free to Melaleuca Members at Melaleuca.com, the EcoSense Cleaning Handbook features cleaning tips, checklists, and simple solutions to any mess throughout your home. When spring is in the air, you’ll see cleaning as less of a chore and more as an act of love!

The EcoSense Cleaning Handbook

EcoSense has a thorough lineup of great products, and maybe you’re not aware of everything EcoSense has to offer. The Cleaning Handbook has you covered! It features a summary of each and every product—from Tough & Tender® All-Purpose Cleaner to MelaSoft™ Dryer Sheets to Lemon Brite® Hand Dishwashing Liquid—and shows how each one is best used.

The handbook also contains guides for cleaning surfaces and appliances as well as a guide specifically dedicated to Sol-U-Mel®, the most adaptable EcoSense product. Sol-U-Mel is a cleaner, stain remover, and deodorizer, and it doesn’t have a prescribed dilution. How you use it depends on the mess that you’re cleaning, and the Sol-U-Mel Stain Guide gives you all the knowledge you need to make the most of this amazing and versatile product!

The EcoSense Four Pillars

Melaleuca founded its EcoSense brand on what are called the EcoSense Four Pillars: safer, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable. Each EcoSense product exemplifies these four pillars.


Instead of harsh, toxic chemicals, EcoSense products use biodegradable ingredients and naturally effective cleaners and enzymes that are safe.


Many so-called green cleaning products might use safe ingredients, but they aren’t effective. EcoSense products are rigorously tested to ensure that they perform exceptionally and outperform national brands.


Many home cleaning products contain unnecessary fillers and water and use far more plastic than is necessary. EcoSense products are concentrated, which means that Melaleuca customers don’t pay for excess water because Melaleuca doesn’t ship it. Highly concentrated EcoSense products help reduce transportation emissions and plastic waste by millions of pounds each year.


Reusable spray bottles, super-concentrated formulas, no unnecessary fillers, and no excess water—all of this means that Melaleuca customers only pay for what actually matters and get a lower cost per use.

Safer for Your Home Website

Melaleuca has updated its EcoSense website—SaferForYourHome.com. This new and improved website features information about Melaleuca and the EcoSense brand, including product information and customer testimonials. It’s a great way to get more information and become more familiar with EcoSense.

Melaleuca’s innovations in the EcoSense lineup has been a driving force behind The Wellness Company’s success and a key reason why tens of thousands of customers shop with Melaleuca every month! By offering the EcoSense Cleaning Guide for free to its customers, Melaleuca is making EcoSense products even more effective and helping to make the world cleaner—without caustic chemicals.

Happy spring-cleaning!